May be a pipe dream or a fantasy, but at least it’s not state-sponsored

It’s another must read today: Marni Soupcoff, once again today from the National Post

It’s on another classic argument of mine (which is what makes it so good!):  It’s about the state funding of all that fabulous creative thinking that we call “art” and “drama” and the likes of the state-owned media (the yummy CBC), and well, “Canadian Culture” (…brought to you by.. State-sponsorship, 'Canadian Culture' creation, and teat service know-it-all liberals employed by THE BENEVOLENT STATE and DEAR LEADER!  “Creating a “culture” for you because you’re too stupid to, since about 1930”.)

I was even thinking a bit about this last night and how in essence, deciding to become some sort of “artist” or musician in Canada can practically give some of them a state-subsidized job for life in this country, or at least a state-mandated mitt-full of “protections” and sundry mollycoddling and nanny-state entitlements, the likes of which even our fighting heroic soldiers would be amazed about.  Many don’t even have to “apply” for the job or in many cases even prove their credentials.  A declaration of “artist” is enough.  It may or may not be a high-paying job, and maybe not a full time one, but you could go through your whole life being paid by and/or protected by the government directly or through its myriad “arts” agencies —meaning other taxpayers of course— and the state’s web of CRTC regulatory rules and ratios and adjustments… just for plying your craft… no matter how crappy, immoral, hateful, useless, unpopular, stupid, or advocating of left-wing or far-left politics it is. 

Smothered With Money

… The decision about what to watch—American Idol or A Beachcombers Christmas—should be one people make for themselves, not one the government makes for them (or at least tries to: Despite its best efforts, the government still hasn’t succeeded in getting more than a handful of us to watch CBC television, even if we do pay for it). …

In any case, this is a good spot to plug my mantra:

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.

P.S. —By the way, I accept financial contributions from citizens (and yes tiny or giant corporations too, Canadian or American!) to run this ProudToBeCanadian web site and keep it running.  I rely on them. I get no government help whatsoever (in fact they’re a massive hindrance). 

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