Canada, actually. April 14, 2008

I often feature the fact that Fox News Channel is by far the number one ranked cable news channel by viewership (and by quality, fairness, and balance, IMO) in the United States —by a landslide—often doubling CNN and MSNBC combined in prime time.  But it’s been a long time since I’ve presented the regular TV show rankings in Canada.  So here are the latest available to me (March 31 to April 6, 2008).

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imageData courtesy of BBM Nielsen Media research.
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BBM Nielsen Media Research

I added a flag feature this time to help graphically display the source of the programs.  As almost always, nearly all of the top 30 shows are American.  The usual exceptions appear:  Canada’s top-ranked CTV News, second place Global News, and CTV’s comedy “Corner Gas”.  These three programs are almost always the only Canadian shows that regularly make the top 30 in Canada in the years I’ve been presenting these charts. 

The decades-long liberal-left effort at creating a “Canadian Culture” through the state, by inventing one for us and throwing countless hundreds of BILLIONS in taxpayer cash at the effort, and imposing laws and regulations and restrictions and “Canadian Content” ratios and banning channels, and through their other Iranian-style techniques —have failed utterly.  To this day, nobody in Canada knows what in tarnation this state-created “Canadian Culture” is, exactly, except that it’s “not American”.  Fabulous.

And as usual, the state-owned CBC nearly totally fails to make the grade in Canada, despite its countless tens or hundreds of BILLIONS of wasted taxpayer cash supports over the decades. 

As is often the case, the CBC gets on the list almost exclusively by way of a union cameraman following a puck in a hockey game, and of course this is because the state-run CBC used your taxpayer cash to outbid the private CTV to pay the NHL with your tax dollars and win the right to broadcast those games in Canada.  So the state-owned media, the CBC, sometimes finally cracks the top 30 that way.  I consider those games to be American/Canadian productions. 

And in this one instance, the CBC News sneaked into the top 30 (at number 30) with a Sunday night news broadcast, with that fantasy program ranking just below “The Young And The Restless” at number 29. 

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