Canadian socialist IRONY DU JOUR: CBC calls Zimbabwe’s media “state-run”

This morning, the state-run, state-owned CBC Newsworld state-media employed news anchor, Suhana Meharchand, referred to Zimbabwe’s “state-run news media” and how they are accusing the political opposition of treason. 

Canada’s state-owned, state-run CBC never refers to itself that way! 

Now.  Countdown to liberals and sundry leftist and downright Marxist CBC apologists emailing me those seething reprimands insisting that the CBC is different because, it’s “at arms length!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “isn’t run by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the state (which funds it; wrote broadcast laws and now maintains those legal regulations that force cable and satellite distributors to offer it at no additional cost to Canadians; and which appoints the people who run it; and which competes against private citizen-owned media…): 

5… 4… 3…


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