Liberal media adopts, promotes, left-wing sites as totally normal

This CyberAlert by the superb Media Research Center reminded me of the ads I see on the “man-made global warming” theory-promoting CBC and its web site.  Actually, it reminds me of nearly all news stories in the Canadian media:

2. ABC’s GMA, Brought to You by Honda, Says Don’t Buy Stuff

Left wing environmentalist Sam Champion continued to push his eco-agenda on Friday’s edition of Good Morning America. The liberal weatherman enlisted the help of, a Web page devoted to “green living.” One of the site’s founders, Heather Stephenson, lectured a family interested in going green about the evils of buying new toys for their children. She explained, “‘Cause the best thing that you can do for the environment, actually, is not buy more stuff.” The goal was to help the couple “get their green on.” And while some of the suggestions were sensible, others sounded rather socialist. After encouraging a neighborhood “toy swap” as an alternative to new toys, the other founder of Ideal Bite, Jennifer Boulden, touted old jewelry. “And that’s the best thing you do, in terms of eco, is not have to buy new. People don’t think about the fact that when they’re wearing new jewelry, it is from the Earth. It has to be mined,” she hectored. Isn’t this more than a little hypocritical on the part of GMA? After the segment ended, commercials appeared advertising a new Disney movie, Amtrak, the newest cars from Hyundai and Honda.

I’ve highlighted how the CBC

talks the talk

lectures the lecture (all day long with the lectures and innuendo and full-on advocacy), and then accepts ads from travel companies touting frivolous jet vacations to far-away places, and cars, and so on. 

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