CBC: Golly we hope the Dems are staying healthy! (And that they’re all you’re thinking about!)

I blogged a while back about the CBC Newsworld ad that ran constantly and still does, which promotes their own coverage of the U.S. Presidential race—the “Road to Washington” they call their coverage. 

I wrote:

CBC Newsworld is running an ad for itself and its “The Road To Washington” coverage. 

Apparently the “Road To Washington” will include only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama this year, as Republicans do not have a fella in the race this time round.


As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama go to the wire in the most hotly contested presidential race in decades!  Stay tuned to CBC Newsworld for the latest, as U.S. voters decide: who will take the ultimate political prize.  “The Road To Washington”—on CBC Newsworld!

It’s a “presidential race”, not just a Democratic Party race, and “U.S. voters”—not just Democrats—will decide?  I wonder if voters can write in the name of a Republican!

This sort of shameless Canadian liberal-left luvin’ media coverage goes on unabated—in fact as time goes on, it gets worse and more biased—even more so than the American liberal media coverage (with few exceptions). 

Today the CBC teased an upcoming segment regarding the health of the candidates—ostensible all of them—not just liberals/Democrats—as follows:

Newsworld anchor Nancy Wilson:

Still ahead!!! :  Endless days on the campaign trail and constantly being ‘on’!!!!!  So how does the hectic pace affect the health of U.S. Presidential candidates?!!!!!  We’ll ask a former White House doctor coming up right after this!!!!!

Throughout the tease, video ran in the background showing exclusively Democratic U.S. Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.  Not a microsecond of Republican John McCain. 

The piece then ran (several boring minutes long).  In it, while they alluded to John McCain’s health in addition to the clearly far more important Obama and Clinton health issues, this banner with the Democratic Party logo remained in the bottom third of the screen:


What buffoons.  And how arrogant of them to think of you all as so very stupid. 

And then they (all those in the liberal media generally) feign shock and surprise when polls are taken showing that Canadians overwhelmingly support Obama and Clinton—and when their attitudes are shown to be ass-backwards compared to Americans (whom Canadians generally—particularly liberals and their media—think they understand so very well—even better then Americans do). 

Take this poll shown today on CTV Newsnet as an example.  In an Ipsos Reid survey, they asked 1000 Americans “Which leader would make the world safer?”  Their answer was:

John McCain: 52%
Hillary Clinton: 45%
Barack Obama: 44%

But when they asked 1005 Canucks the same question, here was their answer:

Barack Obama: 56%
Hillary Clinton: 52%
John McCain: 24%

I attribute this sort of wrong-headed attitude almost entirely to Canada’s liberal media spin and outright bias. 

Good job, liberals!  It’s working! 



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