New kind of beetle found! By CBC staff!

National Post cover today  Staff on the state-owned CBC Newsworld, where, suspiciously like Fox News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor,  “The Spin Stops Here”! (—or is that just on their “Politics” program?) apparently discovered the new creature.  They called it the “GREENHOUSE BEETLE”

Most other people, like the folks at the National Post, which features the little bugger on their front page today, call it the Mountain Pine Beetle.  Labcoats call it Dendroctonus Ponderosae.

But nope.  It’s now called the “GREENHOUSE BEETLE”.  Please think properly.

That’s what the banner said on the bottom third of the screen yesterday throughout a story on CBC Newsworld on the Mountain Pine Beetle, which for years has been eating the pines in BC and Alberta, now due of course to the “man-made global warming” (which liberals now sometimes call “climate change” or “George Bush’s war on science” or something).

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