CBC: And now for an honest middle o’ the road perspective… (no—just kidding!)

News item: dozens of ducks land in an oil sands “tailings” pond in Alberta which is usually protected by bird-scaring techniques to keep the birds away; and are poisoned, and die. 

It’s a tragedy.  Clearly.  The company is sad, the government is sad, we’re all sad.  No doubt one or two heads will roll, and probably, people will be more careful in the future. We all hope so.  And none of us need to be lectured about it.  We’re grownups, most of us.  And besides, many Canadian capitalists like to hunt ducks out in nature, on the weekends.

But the state-owned CBC Newsworld (again: that’s NEWSworld) doesn’t see it that way.  The benevolent CBC is all over it.  ALL OVER IT.  Inside it, up it, down it, alongside it. Under it.  ALL OVER IT.  It’s a story just made for what I perceive to be their clearly anti-capitalist liberalvision enviro-promoting sensitivities and nanny-state sensibilities. 

The story is reported 800 times.  They quickly but carefully secure an expert guest, as usual.  It’s a young t-shirt (with message, duh!) -wearing activist representing the Greenpeace political activist and interest group society of the world community, or whatever they’re called.


Well into the interview, after giving the young Greenpeace activist lots of time to lecture us dumb galoots, CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy (“very interesting”!) Wilson asks the activist:  “How worried are you that this could happen again?”

Well, by golly, he’s VERY worried!  Who’d have thunk that would be his answer?  Man I’m learning a lot!  Thanks CBC! 

The activist, a fella named Mike Hudema, who unlike a common conservative who as we know, the liberal media generally introduce as “watch out, here’s comes a conservative, so take everything you hear from here on in with a haYUGE grain o’ salt!”, is introduced by the CBC news anchor as… Mike Hudema from Greenpeace

Hudema is written up on Wikipedia with introductory and follow up sentences including these:

…He is best known for his work opposing the development of the Alberta oil sands and reliance on fossil fuels in general, but has also engaged in civil liberties and student activism, and has sought elected office as an Alberta New Democratic Party candidate.[1] He is the published author of a book on direct action tactics.


Hudema was critical of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, which he called “an occupation by a rogue state”.


He also created the Revolutionary Speaker Series; the speakers that Hudema brought to the series included consumer candidate and American presidential candidate Ralph Nader, environmentalist David Suzuki, author Inga Musico, and Palestinian activist Younis al Khatib.


In 2001, Hudema was spokesperson of a group of about twenty people who staged a sit-in at the constituency office of Justice Minister Anne McLellan to protest the government’s proposed anti-terrorism and security laws, which Hudema claimed would “greatly impinge on civil liberties in Canada.”[47] The group “evicted” McLellan from her office – moving her furniture to the front lawn – changed her sign to read “Minister of In-Justice”, …


In March of 2004, Hudema said that he was unsure whether he was going to vote in the 2004 federal election, saying that he went “back and forth” on the question of whether it was more useful to perform a “theatrical” stunt to draw attention to problems with the electoral system or to work to get progressive candidates elected.


Hudema was critical of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, which he called “an occupation by a rogue state”.[52] He has also attributed the invasion to North America’s “addiction to oil”.


Hudema is the author of An Action a Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away


Hudema ran in the 2001 Alberta election as a candidate for the Alberta New Democrats in the riding of Edmonton Meadowlark. He finished third of four candidates with 5.1% of the vote, well behind winner Bob Maskell of the Progressive Conservatives and incumbent Karen Leibovici of the Alberta Liberal Party.

He sounds like a real gem, huh?  He actually sounds like a little radical communist to me.  He sounds like a perfect, typical guest expert that the CBC would secure to “inform” Canadians (without even remotely informing us as to his radical leftist political perspective, naturally), and set us dumb Canooks on the path to thinking right…err left

And of course at the end of the story which lasted over 3½ minutes, replete with left-wing talk, Nancy Wilson ends her pointed so how does that make you feel? interview with: “Very interesting.” 

And it really is.


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