Dion declares: Canada at war!

Liberals explain that conservatives and the governing Conservatives are “at war with science”, and are joining “George Bush’s war on terror”, among other “wars” too.  We conservatives are all about the wars.  At “war on the working family”, at “war with unions”, at “war against women”, at “war with the environment”, the “Bush war on drugs”, and more wars.  Wars wars wars.  All equally bad.

But just now we find through the Liberal Frenchman, Stephane Dion, in his first and most important question in the House of Commons Question Period of Totally Moronic & Staged Jackassery and Progressiveness Advancery, that Conservatives are also “at war with Canada’s democratic institutions”.

We’re at war with Canada’s democratic institutions?  I did not know that.  Does Paul Martin’s appointed Queen’s Rep or any of his appointed Liberal-Leftist Senators know about this?  Do the liberals’ Supremes know? 

And by gum, the Liberal Frenchman Dion wants to know why (presumably to start plotting and demanding a surrender strategy). 

“Why is the Conservatives government at war with Canada’s democratic institutions?!!”

…he yelled in his usual unhinged state at the Conservatives in barely comprehensible English, pronouncing the word “war” as “hwarr” and the word “democratic” as “de-MAW-cra-tic”. 

Turns out they aren’t.

Watch it later on the liberals’ state-owned, state-run CBC News.


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