Bush responds to food aid request with massive plan: CBC readers assume the apoplectic ass position

As you might have heard because it was barely reported, Canada responded today to the urgent UN World Food Program request for all nations to come to the table with cash to help get over this latest food crisis affecting the third world.  We came up with an extra $50 MILLION and a reduction in red tape. 

It was then reported that for their part, President Bush announced that he will ask the U.S. Senate for an additional $770 MILLION for food aid. 

As if on cue, some of the pathologically hypocritical, illogical, Bush-haters and possibly America-haters (CBC.ca readers!) who read the story at CBC.ca became downright apoplectic at what sober sensible folks see as a good, positive, charitable, life-saving news story. 

Here’s how a few of the irreverent geniuses who comment at our nation’s state-owned, state-run multi-gazillion-dollar CBC.ca web site responded to the story on our dime, today: 

Wonderful… his country is in recession, his people are starving, losing their jobs and homes, and he tosses out a cool $770 mil.

Well, Yanks, YOU voted for him. Enjoy your lame duck president.

Well let’s file that under “you just can’t win”, hmm?  And if that li’l lie-fest wasn’t insulting and sullen enough for you, try this one written on our nation’s state-funded web site by an apparently semi illiterate Bush (and his entire Administration) -hater: 

Nice plan Bush….770 million dollars…what you guys planning to do?..cash in your beer bottles with “Dick head” Cheney and go “bin diving” for cans with Condelizza Rice ?

Some where ,some how, in a place not far away, some one, or something is going to make up for it, so Iran…this “bills” for you !

I don’t even know what that means. 

Another intelligent kind and gentle and compassionate liberal-leftist Bush-hater included these diplomatic words: 

…Elections aren’t until November – and it looks like ol’ W.ackjob Bush is doing his level best to bankrupt the country before it can oust him from office. Maybe it’s a secret ploy to starve the bourgeoisie with massive debt incursion and biofuel incentives.

This nuanced commenter named Asalam Alekum may be looking for a Pulitzer!:

…Bush lay off the white-lightening man. On the strengf, you’re not even fooling the deep south anymore.

Asalam Alekum.

f*ckin’ A,


Comments at the state-owned people’s web site are “pre-moderated/reviewed”, so clearly, these ones were seen as fit for publishing.  Maybe they filtered out the moderate or reasonable ones.  Hang on: maybe these are the moderate reasonable ones! 

Ahh.  The CBC.  Keep this thing going. 


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