MUST READ: Right Blog and Radio Brilliance

This it too good to not take the time to read and follow.  CBC staff should all read it since it involves at least a couple of “expert” correspondents at Huffington Post —which as I’ve pointed out is a far-left web site that state-owned CBC Newsworld likes to source for their guest analysts and “experts” on politics.

Two blogs, the brilliant Little Green Footballs and Gateway Pundit, together with Fox News’ radio talker John Gibson, suss out a Huffington Post plant at a John McCain townhall Q & A meeting.

The Huffpo plant—a grown adult and Huffington Post “reporter”—gets his chance to ask McCain his question, which is the ever so intellectually honest and issues-oriented and ever so elegantly phrased: Did you ever called your wife a “c*nt”?  (asked in front of men, women, and children of all ages, because liberals love families the mostest). 

1. You really need to read the Gateway Pundit entry here first: BUSTED!! McCain’s “C*nt Questioner” Is a Huffpo Reporter!! …Update: It Was a Team Effort!. See the McCain townhall meeting sign-in sheet, and watch the video of the Huffpo questioner asking the putrid question.

2. LGF covers it here with the John Gibson—a Fox News radio talker—link.  Gibson picks it up on his show by booking the Huffpo plant as a guest (in a phone-in interview), and Gibson rightly slams his disgusting, duplicitous butt into a corner, making for some the best talk radio of the week. 

John Gibson’s radio show is available on XM Satellite Radio here in Canada on the excellent channel 168: Fox News Talk.  It’s good radio, which unlike CBC radio, doesn’t make you dumber with each passing second, nor attempt to make you more of a socialist. 

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