CBC livin’ high! By which (in this instance) I mean in pricey hotels

The liberals’ state-owned, state-run CBC and its elite state-employed highly paid executives have been living in high style, according to a Sun Media report.  I think this is so that our higher-ups (CBC reporters and editorialists) who inform us and teach us how to think and create our “Canadian Culture” for us (as triangulated by appointed liberal-left bureaucrats and state-funded “artists” following “case studies”, lotsa committee busy-work, and 5-year plans from the central planning committee) can address us plebeians from on high, which is the preferred perch for puffins

CBC brass living grand

Former network boss’ hotel tab hit $1G a night

The Toronto Sun

Trotting the globe on glamorous business trips, the former head of CBC stayed in the best hotels in the world where one night could cost as much as $1,000.

Documents obtained through Access to Information show Robert Rabinovitch, former president and CEO of the taxpayer-funded broadcaster, enjoyed a two-night stay in London at Claridge’s, among other high-priced trips.

The $1,000-a-night hotel lavishes guests with luxuries such as in-room massages, chauffeur-driven cars and gourmet food. The hotel’s website boasts a long historical connection with the wealthy and powerful, explaining how royalty have used the hotel to entertain guests.


Rabinovitch also spent about $500 a night of the CBC’s money enjoying the luxury of the Lausanne Palace and Spa in Switzerland in February 2005.

The hotel describes itself as an “icon of style.”

“The Lausanne Palace is above trends, because it sets the trend,” the brochure reads.


Rabinovitch spent $4,377 at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Turkey in September 2006.

The hotel was located on the water and boasted that every room came with its own butler, award-winning cuisine and stunning views.

In a previous (March 2008) blog entry, I wrote about this same story (we have more information now) and asked, in my blog headline, “PTBC readers wonder if CBC execs get free BALL WAXING with stay in luxury hotels”.  Regular PTBC readers understand the reference to “ball waxing”, but there’s a link there to help the rest of you.  Aside from the obvious CBC reference, it also had to do with this line from my March source, which relates to the stay in the hotel in Turkey (above):

Lee also billed the CBC about $200 for something called “Kosmetik” during her stay. Chambers could not explain the expense, but staff at the hotel said it was likely for the purchase of skin lotion or another cosmetic product.

In that story, Lee is identified as a woman.  Perhaps the “Kosmetik” wasn’t a “ball waxing”, per se, for her. 


I haven’t re-stated my CBC mantra 300 times yet this week, so let me do it here:  State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

(Hat tip to Steyr for the article)

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