CTV with good news story from Afghanistan; CBC with no such story.

It’s extremely rareextremely—and I would know because I desperately hunt them down—that we see stories like this in the Canadian media at all.  Not that the stories aren’t out there—they are.  There’s lots of bad news, but good news stories are all over Afghanistan and Iraq.  It’s just that the liberal-left agenda-driven anti-war media doesn’t capture them and report them.  On purpose.  And hearing the good with the bad helps inform us with regard to our stance on the ongoing mission.  And in a democracy, that stance is important.

The media knows that.

Here’s one rare semi-good-news story from the CTV this morning.  Savor it. 

General proclaims progress in Afghan mission

Updated Tue. May. 13 2008 8:40 AM ET
CTV.ca News Staff

Canada’s outgoing commander in Afghanistan believes he’s ending his tour with real progress being achieved in some of Kandahar’s toughest districts.

In the Zhari and Panjwaii districts, families that left because of conflict are now returning to their homes, Brig.-Gen. Guy Laroche told CTV’s Canada AM on Tuesday. …

How come we almost never hear, see, or read stories like this (I honestly don’t recall even ONE) on the liberals’ state-owned media —that dreadful billion-dollar-per-year taxpayer-funded for no apparent reason CBC?  Is it a lack of state-funding?  Yes.  That must be it. 

Ironically, in juxtaposition to the CTV story, the CBC.ca multi-gazillion-dollar people’s web site managed to pump out this contra-information story this morning: 

…About 1,200 families — an estimated 7,000 people — have left their homes in recent weeks because of the fighting in Garmser…

Joel’s useful liberal media code-cracking thought for the day:
Not informing you is informing you. 

They have reporters over there, but as you can see, they’re all busy reporting “other angles” to the story.  Again that’s “other angles”.  (And when they do, they sometimes refer to the war on terror as “the so-called war on terror” and call Canada’s enemies “militants” which by moral-relativist design, is not unlike what we could call our own soldiers.  They’re all militants—they’ve all got their points of view! and they’re all valid!  Who are we to judge?!  The CBC makes it as apparent as possible that they aren’t on any side, not even yours and your country’s.) 

If you were like one of the many uninformed Canadians who only watch CBC (because you’re like, say, one socialist blog commenter here a couple months ago whose comments was, “Well I’d rather watch the CBC than the ‘corporate-owned’ media!”  (—and then later denied being a socialist when I called him on it)) you wouldn’t have seen or read this rare, half positive news story.  And your opinion of the mission in Afghanistan would be shaped by that lack of information —that misinformation.  Repeat this misinformation scenario a thousand times, and whadayaknow, folks like you become one more of the far-left’s anti-war useful idiots brigade; and other “militants” like the Taliban and al-Qaeda grow, train, and make concrete plans to come to our country and kill you and your family.

The CBC.  Making people dumber by the second for decades, on your own dime, but at least it’s a “Canadian Value” (™ Canada’s liberal-left). 

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.

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