Media – including state-owned CBC – totally ignores massive pro-life rally in Ottawa

This reminds me of Orwell’s 1984. And Iran.

Don’t worry, the state-owned CBC and other liberal media isn’t driving an agenda, and don’t worry, what you don’t know won’t inform you.  No.  Don’t worry—Canada and its media isn’t being controlled by liberal-left fundamentalists.  It’s all in your mind.  You’re simply paranoid.  Keep watching the CBC and you will soon be re-programmed and start thinking right (err…left) in no time.

8000-Strong March for Life Gets another National Media Blackout in Canada

By John-Henry Westen

OTTAWA, May 12, 2008 ( – Apart from a few second audio remark on Mike Duffy’s show on CTV there was absolutely no national coverage of the 8000-strong March for Life which took place in the national capital on May 8. The national broadcaster CBC ignored the March despite having given extensive coverage to abortionist Henry Morgentaler earlier this year as he celebrated his Supreme Court victory which struck down any limit on abortion in Canada.

Moreover, CBC has failed to cover the finding of a 1973 private letter from Morgentaler to then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau which suggests blackmail which was reported by Macleans magazine. (see coverage: )

The silence of the state-controlled CBC was compared to that of the Chinese government media in failing to report on Tiananmen Square. “I guess we should expect that the state media not to want to report on the state-sanctioned holocaust, it was the same in Tiananmen Square” said Mary Ellen Douglas, National Coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition – the group which organized the march.

The National Post and the Globe and Mail carried nothing on the March, and even the local Ottawa Citizen had nothing to say.

One local paper, The Ottawa Sun carried a photo of the march on the front page and contained a very short story.

“A massive anti-abortion march wound its way from Parliament Hill to the Human Rights Monument on Elgin St. Thursday, creating some major traffic headaches in the downtown core,” reported the Sun in its first line. The rest of the coverage on the March dealt with a police officer who was struck by a car while re-directing traffic from the route of the March. Of note, the Ottawa Citizen covered the fact that the police officer was hurt without mentioning the March. …

When I did a search for “March For Life”, one of the only news media-related things that popped up was “ – March for Life Rally Draws Thousands to D.C. …”

Let’s continue to fund the left-wing agenda-driving CBC with our tax dollars so we can be misinformed some more and our kids can grow up to be misinformed, socialist dumbasses. 

Go team.

Voice your disgust before canceling your subscription and blocking CBC from your children:

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