CBC greets good, positive economic news in U.S. as “less ugly”

Sure don’t want to overstate the possible good news, huh?  Err on the side of abject negativity and foretell possible dismay, just in case! 

The liberals’ left-wing economic gloom and doom media dissemination (while conservatives rule) division, the state-owned-for-no-apparent-reason CBC Newsworld (channel 390 in my dial) just noticed the housing market in the U.S. has finally turned a corner, after months of their gleeful daily updates informing us how horrible things are, and how they’re going to get still worse. 

The socialism-reliant network does this mostly on their “Your Business” segments —the incongruity of that going right over their socialism-loving heads.

Today’s improving housing market stats in the U.S. are NOT good news for leftists who hoped that a massive recession—nay a full-on depression—was surely in the works, thus proving that that neo-con George Bush and his nutty free-market capitalist ways was and is idiotic, and of course capitalism sucks. 

So the CBC introduces the news of the biggest rise in housing starts in TWO YEARS as… “less ugly”.

Nancy Wilson: For the first time in a long time the U.S. housing market is looking less ugly, rather than more!  Jeannie Lee is here with that story and more.  So Jeanie should we take this as a sign that the worst is over for that particular market? 

Jeannie Lee: Oh not so fast Nancy!  Because as you know one month doesn’t make a trend though the surprising numbers today gave those who are DESPERATE for a reason to hope a little bit of hope…

Here’s the exact moment after Jeannie Lee said “Not so fast Nancy”, as the gals then both break into happy-looking smiles…

“One month doesn’t make a trend” —unless you’re the leftist CBC and are “DESPERATE”—or are at least prepared—to forecast or question or portend something extremely serious: a full-on U.S. recession, which despite their efforts, still has not occurred in the the United States. 

Lets analyze how a “trend” magically starts: 

These are screen captures from just one morning on the CBC last January. (Bear in mind this is but one morning, and this kind of crap reporting of “news” takes place most every day, and not just on CBC but all of liberalvision.) 

The day starts out with a statement (by way of their infamous scare banners in the bottom third of the screen) declaring that the U.S. is in recession.  It’s an outright lie. It was not, and still is not in recession.  And that’s the scientific truth which cannot be argued.  But never mind, this is the CBC.  As you know, “one month doesn’t make a trend”.  What makes a trend, is what the CBC tells you makes a trend.  Like gay marriage. “Man-made global warming”.  “Canadians want a carbon tax”.  Etc.

image image


Later in the day, after declaring a recession, they decided to ask an expert.  Here’s an expert secured by the CBC back in January to help bolster their big question about a recession.  But apparently the CBC doesn’t want to believe him, or at least questions him with that big old question mark, despite the fact that what he tells us all is THERE IS NO RECESSION!  That was a fun segment. 
image  image

After that segment proved it’s no longer a statement of fact (darn the luck, huh CBC?!)  it remains a scary question, even when speaking to the socialist network’s business expert (below, left) who must have heard their own earlier report (he doesn’t mention it in this report).
image  image

In later segments they continued to quote the one economist in the U.S. who cried “recession”, but failed to quote the man—their own expert—who said there wasn’t a recession.  So they reported what they decided to report rather than telling you all the information at their disposal —news which even they earlier uncovered (much to their apparent chagrin). 

Later, the 11:30 AM PT segment still portended (…hoped for?… put out there… questioned, despite what they know…) a recession in the U.S.

In other words, they failed utterly as a reliable source of news.  They misinformed you. 


Today, while the business expert on the oxymoronic socialism-reliant state-owned media informs Canadians about the “less ugly” enormous rise in the housing starts in the U.S., right over Jeannie Lee’s left shoulder (see top picture), the Toronto Stock Market (TSX) is at a record high—the highest it’s ever been in history.  It’s happening right behind her back.  She says not one word about it in that report. 


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