Toronto stock market closes above 15,000. CBC reports it. No really. They did.

Wake the kids, call the dog.  The state-owned socialism-reliant CBC decided not to misinform you by omission, today, and actually reported a historic, record-breaking high close for the Toronto stock exchange today. 

I know!  I don’t know what came over them.

I guess maybe when state-paid CBC lawyers warned me some time ago in threatening legalese that “We will be monitoring your site”, they meant it, and they have read some of my more recent blog entries calling them out them for purposely failing to make a big deal out of it when the market is in record-breaking high territory, instead of only mentioning (in full schadenfreude) when it falls, complete with “plunge-o-meters” in the upper right of their Newsworld channel screen. 

Or else it’s just a weird coincidence that they have suddenly decided to start boldly reporting actual positive facts as they are actually happening in our country despite their obvious reticence to report any good news when conservatives are in power. 

Crickies.  Next thing you know, they’ll be reporting on the myriad positive things going on in Afghanistan and maybe even the 60-90% reduction in violence in Iraq as a result of the troop surge.  Or that Obama is a nincompoop. 


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