CBC provides pseudo information backed up by dodgy sources

“Canada serious about environment, Harper tells skeptical Europe”, according to the state-owned, socialist CBC.ca propagandists in a headline today.  They then attempt to bolster their own Harper-hitting article… with quotes from their own reporter. 

CBC’s chief political correspondent, Keith Boag, travelling with the prime minister, said there was little about the address that was new in policy terms.

“The speech was really just a once-over-lightly about how beautiful Canada is,” Boag said. “How many lakes and rivers and streams and mountains and forests and fields and so on [the country] has.”

Oh really. 

But I wonder how he and they and all of the CBC collectively triangulated that “Europe” is “skeptical”—so much so that they find they can properly (using those sound CBC-style journalistic practices of course!) state it so matter-of factly like that in their headline.  They do it so blithely now that they don’t even realize—or care—that they sound every bit like purveyors of the liberal-left’s talking points.  (And perhaps more telling:  by implication, it’s as if we should care what the Europeans think.) 

What or who do they mean by “Europe”?  Every European?  How do they know? 


“Most European countries are wary of Canada’s mixed record on the Kyoto Protocol for greenhouse gas emissions…”


There you have it. 

But most European countries?  And they’re wary you say.  Ah.  I see.  Wary by what measure, and according to whom, exactly? 


Environmental groups at the Bonn meeting say there is sometimes more words than substance to Canada’s positions on biodiversity and other environmental issues.

Ah.  Words and substance.  Huh.  That’s ironic.  And they’re environmental activists?  Well then.  They’re reliably left-wing or outright Marxist and rabidly “wary” of anything not overtly socialist—PRINT IT! 

And Europe is wholly represented now by “environmental groups”.  Duly noted.

As if to repeat their perfidy, the CBC continues: 

Harper was hoping to convince European leaders that his plan for fighting greenhouse gases is a good one, despite criticism from environmentalists.

“Was hoping”—but, alas, the unmistakable, purposeful impression contained in the wording “was hoping”, was that he failed.  And besides:

Before he left, some environmentalists criticized the prime minister’s trip for its own greenhouse gas emissions.

They say the air travel involved in taking Harper’s retinue to several European cities in three days will generate more than 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, as much as 100 cars produce in a year.

Well damn.  He was doomed from the beginning then, huh? 

Someone get Boag on the horn for an expert opinion. 


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