CBC: Who is this Steyn guy … Is he a journalist? Who does he write for? He’s right wing isn’t he?

Excellent catch by a reader at the Five Feet of Fury blog, who attended the liberals’ “human rights” commission Kangaroo Court sham “trial” in B.C. against Maclean’s magazine and Mark Steyn and freedom in Canada.  (Also see blog entry from earlier today.)

… CBC journos asked me who I was with.  Just an interested observer I replied.

Who is this Steyn guy they asked.  Is he a journalist?  Who does he write for?  He’s right wing isn’t he?

Surprised at their lack of knowledge, I gave them a bit of a background on Steyn, – oh yes he sounded a bit familiar now.

I asked them what they thought about the case.

Well they didn’t really know too much (anything) about it.

Did they know who Elmasery was?  No.

(Hat tip to Lee)

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