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As a general matter, shouldn’t the state-owned CBC at least try to pretend act as “uniters” rather than dividers of Canada?  Isn’t this a basic tenet of the Obamaton with a Canadian twist?  Should they participate in class warfare, aping Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party —pitting employee (the good!) against employer (the bad!)? 

As we in the sensible set already know, state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution (got it in early today!), and then all this would be avoided; but to the extent that we allow them to continue to suck cash out of our pockets and broadcast their socialism-reliant propaganda, shouldn’t there be at least be a few crumbs tossed to the rest of us?  Like the full story, for example. 

The GM plant closure in Ontario exemplifies a standard liberal-leftist media agenda-driving bias which they’ve been pushing on us for as long as I’ve been alive:  In every single story—and there are tons of them;  in every update about the story and the angle of every update;  every point of view is that of the labor union.  But it’s cast as though the labor union is “us”.  It’s “us” against “them”—the employer. 

image  It’s not as though they have to twist words either—they simply don’t even present the words or opinions or rationale of the company, at all.  It’s hard to be sympathetic to the plight of the company if you don’t know anything at all about where the company is coming from (or that which you know is the often seething hate-filled opinion of the company from afar). 

I know more about Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s position on things and that of the Palestinians —than about GM’s position on anything. (And the story is cast as just as important as any terrorism-related story). 

Today, the car union’s socialism-pushing labor union boss Buzz Hargrove is in Detroit, talking to GM executives trying to get them to change their minds about closing the truck plant even though trucks aren’t selling (using the intellectually stimulating and good faith bargaining technique of advancing to them the militant power the union boss possesses over his militant and apparently properly employer-hating union masses, if I’m not mistaken).  The state-owned CBC covers that epic event with a recorded interview with Hargrove from Detroit —he theatrically casting himself, as usual, as the wee underdog merely seeking to protect the innocent masses (which is understood to be all Canadians) from “the man” and his nefarious capitalist ways. 

image - CBC union - only coverage
But the labor union in question is one which has, as a clearly stated goal, to change Canada from the capitalist country we know and love, into a socialist state. And doing it politically“If we succeed, we will have fundamentally transformed our economy and society, replacing capitalism with socialism,” reads one sentence in an almost totally disregarded (by the liberals media) union document called, pretty revealingly, “In the Eye of the Storm: How the CAW is Re-Making Canadian Politics”.  (Read my column).

But never mind!  It’s then over to exciting video footage of many much aggrieved (but paid more than nearly any Canadian worker) union members (aren’t they permanently much aggrieved?) blockading the plant in Ontario, for the state-owned CBC and its viewers.  We know they’re willingly working in cahoots because depsite them being out in the middle of nowhere, the workers are all deftly outfitted in matching T-shirts and huge signs and banners which can only be for the benefit of the unionized media brethren and their video cameras and reporters, who question nothing except how the workers “feel”. (Betrayed!  Saddened!  Aggrieved!

What about the company’s angle?  Nothing.  No word on that.  No phone calls, no statement, no questions asked, apparently, or even wondered aloud.  Maybe the company’s position is totally reasonable—maybe absolutely positive!  Maybe Hargrove is totally screwing us with misinformation designed to meet his political agenda.  But we don’t have a clue.  As you can imagine, I suspect this is on purpose. 

I guess it all depends on who “us” is. 


Here’s the ubiquitous picture (from the CTV live coverage) of the you’ve got to be kidding party’s socialist Jack Layton, taking his turn at the this protest rally.  He’s at all of ‘em!  That’s what we pay him for!  Here’s he’s seething, raging, and saying, and I quote, ”…when you have a callous multinational corporation who doesn’t give a damn!!!!!!…”, sounding every bit the communist ass, to rapturous applause from the crowd.

This is from live coverage of the car union protest rally in which the speakers spend their time bashing GM, and Harper, and free trade deals, and everything that isn’t far-left socialist for the media. But don’t worry—it’s not political.



PTBCwares C2007 image - CTV Kate Wheeler

CTV Newsnet’s anti-idiotarian (nod to LGF) news anchor Kate Wheeler (she’s the one who I once noted prefaced a story from the New York Times by rightly calling it the “left-leaning” New York Timesso I awarded her the PTBC Quote of the Week Award at that point) just read the part of the agreement that Jack Layton and Buzz Hargrove and the others never mention.

”…The CAW says that GM violated a two-week-old collective agreement by announcing the closure, but of course what it came down to is an interpretation of the phrase ‘market demand’  because that’s the main battle.  The contract did have a clause that says if market conditions change, then GM has the right to change its mind.  So that phrase, ‘market demand’, is what this is all about…”.

So Kate Wheeler gets one o’ these awards again.  (All she really secretly wants is our Ann Coulter talking doll, but I haven’t gotten around to sending it to her yet.  And I doubt it would clear CTV security.)

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