Tolerant, compassionate liberals at work, commenting on…

A usually biased news story at the state-owned against the Conservatives’ Minister of Immigration Dianne Finley and the Conservatives’ bill C-50… exposes more.  It exemplifies some o’ that famous liberal-left “tolerance” and “compassion” for human beings and that “nuance” and “shades of gray” and “intellectual fortitude” and that “yearning for scientific study” that liberals are always on about… 

A photo of Minister of Immigration Diane Finley accompanies the story.  She’s wearing sunglasses.  She’s not “stylin’” the way liberals do with their pierced nipples and eyebrows and lips and noses.  As most intellectually curious people already know, because they look things up, she has a disease called “Graves Disease”, making her extremely sensitive to light. 

The first comment to the story, twenty-two minutes after it was posted, attacked Miss Finley for her wearing sunglasses in the House.  Here are some choice comments:

workingroland wrote:Posted 2008/06/09
at 10:06 AM ET
Can somebody tell me why a Minister of my government (Diane Finley) has to wear dark glasses indoors? Did i read the wrong script of the show?

a few comments later….

cait50 wrote:Posted 2008/06/09
at 10:23 AM ET
Diane Finley’s too cool for school, daddio!

Meanwhile, several people chime in and explain to the clumsy asses…

bernse wrote:Posted 2008/06/09
at 10:25 AM ET
Workingroland and those that comment on her dark glasses,

She has been diagnoses with Graves Disease. It is a thyroid condition, which among other things, makes bight direct light painful.

After even after a long time passes and it is now obvious to any commenter who has bothered to read the other comments if not look it up themselves, …and even after someone posted a URL for them to click…. “Ms. Finley was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, a hyperthyroidism condition, in February 2006—a condition which has led to her wearing tinted lenses at all times.” –… … 

Wood Chuck wrote:Posted 2008/06/09
at 10:50 AM ET
What is with Diane “Terminator” Finley, is she blind? The thing that gets me is that she is always behind the Tory speaking. Every time you see some Tory in the house of Commons speaking, that blind lady is behind them. I don’t care what the bill says, it should be amended to say, “In order to fast track any one, dark sun glass must be removed”. What does she have to hide?

Maybe she is a cybernetic organism from the future here to destroy mankind. “Immigration” might be code for something devious.

Charming folks, those CBC viewers and readers.

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