State-owned CBC in another carefully-worded Bush-bashing headline

Here’s the headline, which leaves the unmistakable impression that Bush’s image in Europe has sunk to that of utter indifference

“Europe awaits Bush visit with relative indifference”.

(As if the main thing we should take away from this news story is how Europeans feel about Bush, in any case…)

But go hunting through the stupid story for the proof of that European “Bush indifference”, and it tells a slightly different—if also strangely-worded—story of an improvement in the image—and not of Bush, per se, but of America.  Or so the author mysteriously triangulates:

… His decision in 2003 to invade Iraq stirred anti-American sentiment in many countries, although opinion polls show that has receded to relative indifference as Europeans watch the U.S. presidential campaign and weigh prospects for change under a new president. …

1. To move back or away from a limit, point, or mark.
2. To become or seem to become fainter or more distant.
3. To withdraw or retreat.

Synonyms: recede, ebb, retract, retreat…

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