CBC reports security in Kandahar improving! (Or am I dreaming?)

I’m almost sure I just heard the liberals’ state-owned CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy (“very interesting”) Wilson report that security in Afghanistan is improving. 

That must mean it’s REALLY, REALLY improving beyond belief!  And has been for a long time!  And CTV or Global was just about to break ranks and report it! 


I reviewed the recording, and it was actually somewhat tempered:  unlike their propensity to call the war on terror the “so-called war on terror” without any official outside information to back up that tendentious “so-called” assertion, officials in Kandahar “say” improvement is taking place. 

Here’s my mini transcript, as translated from socialist (I’m fluent in English and socialist):

Nancy Wilson:  “Officials in Afghanistan say the security situation in Kandahar is improving.  That message emerged during a weekly security meeting between Canadian Forces and their Afghan counterparts.  … Corruption is still a problem, especially in the police force.  A batch of uniforms was recently stolen and ‘insurgents’ have been posing as officers!”

And by golly they didn’t report the latest Canadian soldier death toll.  So that’s also remarkable. Next thing you know, they’ll be reporting another uptick on the Toronto stock market. (Just kidding!)


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