Just in: once again, it’s only a “so-called” war on terror according to CBC

CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy (“very interesting!!”) Wilson just informed Canadians that the war on terror is only a “so-called war on terror”. 

Actually, as readers know, this is the approximately 8,000th reinforcement of that bit of nuanced left-wing anti-Bush denialism being advanced by the agenda-driven state-owned CBC, and its trusty anchors. 

Transcribed into English from CBC socialist:

Nancy Wilson: “George Bush is on a European farewell tour of sorts, and he’s making time to thank one of his closest allies in the so-called war on terror—during a visit to Britain.  As Anne MacMillan reports, both leaders are talking tough on military matters.”

image  Please remember, however, that when Barrack Hussein Obama spewed forth his deceitful double-talk on NAFTA and the CBC performed Cirque de Soleil-like mind contortions and blamed it on Conservatives in Canada, it was theretofore officially called “NAFTA-Gate” at the CBC, because, and I quote the CBC’s Bill O’Reilly wannabe Don (“I get to say ‘the spin stops here’ too!”) Newman, “that’s what it’s called”.  Again:  “that’s what it’s called”.  It’s scientific!  Here’s a link.

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