CBC calls Dion’s “green shift” plan a “so-called” green shift plan

Stephane Dion: “The best way to come is with a green shift.”

I av no hi-dea what dat mean.

But that’s what the Liberal Stephane (the “Green Guru”) Dion just told the nation today on CBC Newsworld.  The snake oil salesman was talking about his “green shift” plan (which is code for “tax-raising big-government nanny-state social-engineering total BS”). 

But in her introduction, the CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson called it his “so-called” green shift plan.  This is good, but this puts it in the same category as the war on terror, to her way of thinking, which she calls the “so-called” war on terror, as if the war on terror is merely another cheap political marketing ploy. 

“Da Canadian people is ready to do da right ting,” Dion said just now. 

Then maybe Dion and his various media mouthpieces should get serious about the war on terror, and by extension, Canada.  We can take care of our own children, our TV watching needs, our trans fats intake, and we can tackle lots of other challenges, all on our own.

The Canadian people are not stupid.


After they decided to break from the Dion news conference, Wilson was already calling it a straight up “Green Shift” plan.  Not a so-called one. 

Given the total BS nature of the Dion “green shift” plan, one is tempted to call it the “green shit” plan.  Of course that would be rude (and conjures up yucky images of baby diapers in the old noggin…. oh!  Hang on…!).  So maybe we could play on “BS” and go with Dion’s total “GS” plan. 

The CBC just came back after a commercial break and said they had breaking news, then suddenly decided against going to it, in favor of a “news” conference being held by an MP from the you’ve got to be kidding party.  (The NDP exists entirely owing to the support and the effort of the media and other such institutional liberal apologists to falsely legitimize them, such as in this prime example). 

I wonder what the breaking news was.

P.S. – Wilson just recounted what the NDP MP said, and again referred to the Dion plan as the straight-up Green Shift plan. Not “so-called”.  I see a trend now.

P.S. – The breaking news was that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal decided on the Stonechild case.

Nancy Wilson just referred to the mass arrests this morning in Ontario to battle illegal gangs and their guns, and specifically referred to it as “this War on Guns and Gangs”

This is what she actually said:

Well Nil of course we hear stories about gun murders certainly in Toronto almost every day or it appears to be the case, what are police saying about the progress if any that they’re making on this War on Guns and Gangs?



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