CBC carries the load (snarf) for Dion

Late yesterday I referred you to the CBC.ca people’s web site, where I said they had already embarked on their liberal-left-luvin’ free media support of the Dion tax increase plan, in advance of the Dion announcement. 

(Yesterday) – It’s all about tax cuts!  No tax increases!  It’s wonderful! Thank you dear leader!

Today the front news page continues with the support:

It’s good for us!  We need this!  Thank you again dear benevolent leader! 

For its part, the liberalvision CTV.ca carries on much the same, aping the Dion talking points rather than taking a critical view:

Dion’s waving!  Hi Stephane!

The liberal-left’s Toronto Star division practically sets up an Let’s All Drink the Stephane Dion and His Plan Kool Aid section starting with this front page at their web site today:
…and leading to all manner of helpful links to help sell the plan, including links to the plan itself, a link to the Liberal Party’s special green shift website, and several other such links.  And a link called “Politics blog: Tories play mischief”. 

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