John McCain in Canada: CBC reflexively refers to “NAFTA-Gate” and Obama

CBC reports on John McCain’s visit to Canada (we should be grateful for small mercies, perhaps). 

Almost immediately, state-owned CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy (“very interesting!!”) Wilson refers to “NAFTA-Gate”. 

Not “so-called” NAFTA-Gate, mind you; straight up NAFTA-Gate. 

The term “so-called” is reserved for the prefix to “war on terror” at the CBC. 

Here’s the translation from the socialist dialect “CBC”:

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson:  So Susan you just outlined recent history what we have uh nicknamed NAFTA-Gate that did have an impact on Barack Obama’s campaign during the primary season so in light of that, just how wary is the federal government about getting involved in any way in the U.S. campaign?

CBC reporter Susan Bonner:  Well they’re quite cautious about even showing up at this speech!  The Prime Minister will not be here Nancy—he’s out of town so that, uh, he he didn’t have to deal with that issue.  Conservatives of course are ideologically, uh, closer to Republicans than Democrats but that makes for complicated politics.  First of all …. [on an on…] 


Also see PTBC entry:
Expert hates the term “NAFTAGATE”… “but I’ll use it anyway!”. CBC host: “that’s what it’s called!” 



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