McCain in Canada (post 2): After speech, CBC guest expert declares it a “clever political ploy”

CBC covered the McCain speech (so for the second time today I’m pressed to be grateful for small mercies, perhaps), but immediately after the speech, this is what we Canadians hear on CBC Newsworld

CBC Newsworld anchor Andrew Nichols: ”…Now McCain’s visit to Canada at the height of an election campaign is unprecedented and according to my next guest is a clever political ploy! …”

As we know, the state-owned CBC never engages in “clever political ploys”.  (They’re all stupid political ploys).

I duly note that the guest expert was from the Hudson Institute—which, quite shockingly, is not a far-left liberal or full-on socialist organization; and shockingly, the guest was not personally a blogger on the far-left Huffington Post web site or the extreme left Daily Kos, as other CBC guest experts often are.  Plus, Nichols did not preface “Hudson Institute” with any of the usual liberal-left media guidebook prefaces like “the conservative”, or “the right-wing”, or “conservative-right” or the “notably un-liberal-left” (or whatever).  The liberals’ media typically describe conservative guests that way as if to warn Canadians that we should all take what we’re about to hear with a haYUGE grain of salt, while never categorizing left-wing guests as “socialists” or “liberals”. 

It was like sort-of conservative day at the CBC this morning. 

Let’s drink.




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