CBC Newsworld walks all over us; teaches us how to wear shoes

Talk about your nanny-state. 

The state-owned CBC Newsworld just did a nearly seven-minute long “news” segment on shoes.  Wearing the proper shoes.  They had an expert on from Toronto, informing Canadians as to the proper shoes.  It’s news!  And you’re so stupid. 

To give you an idea of how long seven minutes is, it’s seven minutes longer than the CBC has spent telling you that America is winning the war in Iraq and violence is down 80% in some of the roughest regions.

CBC.  Worth every penny of the countless tens of BILLIONS of taxpayer cash that they have walked all over.

I haven’t repeated my mantra in over a weak so here it is:  State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.   And they should get the boot forthwith.

Apparently among the other souvenirs the CBC sells at its web site, you can buy this proper government umbrella with the giant CBC logo on it.  Apparently if you hold it above your noggin, it keeps it dry.  I wonder if they sell shoes yet. 


This is not a joke:  The CBC Newsworld channel just spent an additional minute and a half on a “news” segment about traveling with your dog (do it!  He or she is family!);  followed by 6 minutes and 40 seconds on packing suitcases for that summer trip (some gals like to put their toiletries in Zip Lock bags!).  No doubt they’re hoping your travel plans will include communist Cuba, which CBC has promoted on its Newsworld channel) …

… reminding me of the CTV (no, not CBC) segment in which a liberal exemplifies Canadian liberals, which I turned into a li’l bit o’ fun:

Click to play (Windows Media Player)

Total time for traveling with dog and packing a suit case:  nearly nine minutes.  Add the shoes:  16 minutes.  This, in just one hour, folks. 

I’m definitely going to get an extra TV screen in my office to counteract the inevitable —getting dumber and dumber by the minute watching liberalvision.  I’ll simultaneously watch Fox News Channel (by far the best channel in Canada) —and actually learn a thing or two about what’s going on in the world, and get both sides to stories… 

(this is hilarious) “State-run CBC takes a position on dishwashing. GREEN.  Well, and RED.”

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