CBC’s Nancy Wilson again calls war on terror “so-called war on terror”

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Just heard:

State-owned CBC Newsworld news anchor Nancy Wilson just tendentiously called the war on terror the “so-called war on terror”, for the 8,000th time.  This time she went that extra bit further though, über tendentiously calling it

the Bush administration’s

so-called war on terror”

And she emphasized “so-called”. 

Thus she’s a real winner. 

Recent related entry  – CBC calls Dion’s “green shift” plan a “so-called” green shift plan! (…but…)


New shift at the anchor desk:  Suhana Meharchand repeats the exact same line, meaning it’s obviously official CBC policy to tendentiously call the war on terror “the

Bush administration’s

so-called war on terror”.  On your dime.

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