CBC anchor laughs so hard her head nearly snaps off

Deepak Chopra, pop culture’s Yo-Yo Ma of “spiritual guidance”, was just a guest on CBC Newsworld (for six full minutes … add to this blog entry), the vital “news” being that he has written another book.  It’s his 30th or something, so this is “news” much like buttering your toast is “news”. 

The book is called “Why is God Laughing”

State-owned CBC Newsworld anchor Suhana Meharchand of course takes the bate and asks: why is God laughing?  And Chopra replies without any hint of concern about bad “Karma”: 

“I think God is laughing because she recognizes the joke which is that George Bush is the president of America!

Oh yay!  A better guest the CBC could not have dreamed of!  Calls God “she” and bashes Bush in one sentence!  (Then upon later prodding by Meharchand, talks about sex being spiritual…)

Even before the guru finishes his anti-Bush sentence, the news anchor Suhana Meharchand lets out biggest, loudest, most fulsome deep belly laugh you’ve ever heard on the state-run media or perhaps any television ever in history.  It was the Greatest. Joke. Ever.

You see it’s OK for the state and its media division to mix religion and politics and toss all their secular-progressive crap in the john, as long as it’s a joke bashing President Bush. 


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