CBC: Time to make up… the news

UPDATED …again (11:09 AM PT)

The state-owned CBC is apparently just making up the news today.  In unity with liberals, they’re all over a Democratic Party “unity” campaign rally in a town called Unity, New Hampshire today.  Yummy interviews with Democratic Party and liberal experts, live coverage planned, stock video of smilin’ and wavin’ Hillary and Obama, news feeds bought from CBS News reporters (who go on and on and on explaining the Democratic Party strategy for hopeful election) …  all for utterly no reason that I can possibly imagine, other than the fact that they seek to drum-up support and recognition for anything remotely liberal or further left. 

Therefore their bottom third banner made me laugh…

Also:  watch our live coverage!  It’s “news”!  (Hey where’s McCain today?  Who cares?!  We are the CBC!)

Hey Hillary’s waving!  Hi Hillary! 
Hey Obama’s waving!  Hi Obama!

image  image

image  Here’s CBC’s fair and balanced reality man in Washington, the CBC’s Neil Macdonald, reporting on the “situation”!  Yes he’s on it too!  Many CBC resources are on it! 

Hi Neil!  Say hi to Obama and Hillary!  Maybe you could do a “reality check”!  Naaaah—just kidding!

Neil warned us Canadians that if the Republican John McCain were to win this thing, why that might mean changing the Supreme Court to make it conservative, thus directly ending abortion —sorry, “reproductive rights” is what Macdonald called it.  Good boy, Neil! 

Neil Macdonald to CBC Newsnet anchor Nancy Wilson:  ”…Well if John McCain takes the presidency and appoints a couple more conservatives to the bench, that might put paid to the reproductive rights that Hillary’s legions of supporters treasure [Nancy Wilson then heard saying “mmmmmm” in an unmistakably concerned-sounding manner], so that’s just one issue…”.

(This all may be slightly related to my previous blog entry, “Conservatives’ communications chief steps aside; CBC trumpets Hillary/Obama rally”)


Perhaps because somebody pointed out the hilarious, buffoon-like, and blindingly obvious, glaring, abject bias in their coverage today and most every day; or perhaps because the CBC likes to be able to point to their one three-minute micro-segment where they sort of covered “the other side”, to demonstrate their inherent “fairness” when folks write official complaints to the CBC;  or perhaps because they read my blog and totally agree with me (just kidding!  Laugh with me!);  they actually just did a little snippet on John McCain’s campaign today.  Wilson introduced the segment by saying that while Obama and Hillary are trying to unite their party, “…McCain’s doing the same with his party, with less publicity! 

Less publicity, you say.  Huh. 

The story was accompanied by no pictures or live coverage or in-depth analysis by CBC expert reality reporters re today’s nondescript McCain events. 

She also asked her guest expert—a Republican pollster—about the “religious right”. 

By way of reminder, there is no such thing as “the religious left”.  No, there’s no anti-white racist and far-left loon Reverend Jeremiah Wright, no, there’s no anti-white nutbar Father Michael Pfleger, no, there’s no far-leftist philanderer Reverend Jesse Jackson (he’s the one who referred to Jews as “Hymies” and to New York City as “Hymietown”),  or anti-white and possible tax dodger Reverend Al Sharpton. 

… and then it was right back to wall-to-wall coverage of the Obama/Hillary rally — LIVE COVERAGE (…here’s more live coverage of the unfolding scene in New Hampshire as we prepare for our live coverage of the event!…) with still more live commentary from expert CBC “realist” Neil Macdonald… 


image - smiley CTV Newsnet is all over it, LIVE, as well.

So is CNN.

So is MSNBC.

So is FNC, though they have watch boxes on other news. (And they have actually covered the McCain campaign…)

UPDATE: 11:15 Am PT:

The CBC covered the LIVE event for over 40 minutes non-stop, then almost immediately imagewent to extended coverage with more experts including the CBC’s Allison Smith—also down there in the U.S. covering the “situation”— until 11:26—making it more than an hour almost non-stop.  At one point, when the new anchor Andrew Nichols asked his (Democratic Party) guest to discuss the “the elephant in the room”—I got my hopes up because thought maybe he meant the Republican Party, since the elephant is their symbol as the donkey is to the Dems.  Alas, no, he was referring to Bill Clinton, and whether he’d join the unity battle.  He should have said “impeached elephant” for clarity. 

CBC.ca fronts their news web site with liberal-luvin’ festivities.  Let’s merge! 



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