PTBC new server progress report: currently in dump mode

Yesterday it was tarballs, today it’s taking a dump.  No this isn’t a Liberal Party convention, it’s me moving ProudToBeCanadian to our new server. 

As I explained yesterday, tarballs are compressed backup files with the extension tar.gz.  But when you make copies of your MySQL database, it’s called a “dump”.  I did not name this.  You literally log into the Linux server using an SSH client, and enter the command mysqldump along with the file name information and what not, then the database takes a dump, as it were. The PTBC data—all my blog entries and the columnists’ columns and all your comments and more… are rendered as part of… “the dump”. 

How sad and pathetic for me and all of us!  Computers are mean!  We’re victims. 

But I got a kick today when I went to the multi-gazillion-dollar taxpayer paid state-owned people’s web site which the benevolent government owns and runs, and noticed that despite all our cash and all their state-employed minions, their own web site is coughing up.  And they have all my money and a hundred employees! 


I’ll be continuing with my work today and tomorrow and don’t know how much blogging I’ll be able to do.  Read our columnists!  Salim Mansur and David Warren both have excellent ones today.

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