CBC.ca’s pro-abortion commenters re Morgentaler: like a festival of abject hate and intolerance

Reading the state-owned, state-run CBC.ca web site’s comments from their beloved CBC-luvin’ readers is like wading into a cesspool of left-wing atheist hate, intolerance, and anti-Christian bile.  (One commenter’s member “profile” on the state-owned web site indicates “Favourite News Topic: USA Bashing”).

But don’t worry, all comments are, and I quote, “pre-moderated/reviewed”, so these are OK with the CBC, and since its state-owned, state-run, and funded with your cash, it’s OK with you too.  It’s official!

Note that these are just some randomly selected entries I found —in just one article —and there could by hundreds more that are far, far worse and more hateful and more intolerant and more anti-Christian and abusive.  ().

I’ll start with this apparently communism-luvin CBC reader who seems to be confusing his religion with Catholism:

eire_rich wrote:Posted 2008/07/03
at 8:39 AM ET
The good catholic priest appears to have forgotten that the institution he so proudly represents is responsible for more death and suffering than any other in history…way to go!

JamesHall wrote:Posted 2008/07/03
at 7:28 AM ET
Religion, which is merely another fascist corporate structure [some may argue one of the first such structures], is humanity’s greatest “devil” in that it fosters the dominance of the “frightened by the unknown”. Religion is one of the most abused tools, and it is a tool by the nature of its use, of life as it helps provide the everyperson with the rationale to abandon his/her responsibilities, obligations and duties as a human bean.

[Joel thinks he meant “being” —not “bean”—although this misguided fella may see little difference between the two]

Skeenaman wrote:Posted 2008/07/03
at 9:33 AM ET
A Priest with a conscience? You don’t hear of that too often.

gordonmorris wrote:Posted 2008/07/03
at 10:54 AM ET
The catholics say abortion is a crime against humanity, they should know, they’ve committed enough to be experts. I’m sure morgentaler is glad he doesn’t have to be associated with this religious fanatic, what did the priests do with the young girls they impregnated, start a home for unwed mothers?

PaulVancouverIsland wrote:Posted 2008/07/03
at 11:15 AM ET
… The Catholic Church is totally devoid of compassion and inclusiveness. …

EricDumont wrote:Posted 2008/07/03
at 11:21 AM ET
I have objections to any overtly religious person receiving the Order of Canada. That this priest is returning his is good news. Is there any religion that does not have murder of non-believers as a central tenet of their belief system? …

gordonmorris wrote:Posted 2008/07/03
at 11:33 AM ET
Morgentaler has done more for this country than the catholic church has done in it’s history, the catholics call abortion “a crime against humanity” the church should know, it is responsible for countless crimes against humanity itself. I’m glad this guy realized he wasn’t worthy and gave back the award.

CBC.ca is one of the most hateful and divisive web sites I’ve ever encountered. 

But don’t do anything.  It’s the Canadian way.



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