U.S. army deserter a “refugee” in Canada? A-OK according to the liberals’ courts division!

And of course the CBC kids at the state-owned CBC web site’s comments section are all uniformly on side with this latest decision from the liberals’ law courts division, with the anti-American sentiment running wild and the Bush-hating extremists whipping out the ever so original “bush is a war crimunal jast like Hittler!” routine.  There are over 250 comments so far, almost universally from rabid Bush haters and apoplectic America bashers.  (We should remember one of the CBC commenter’s CBC “member profile” which I mentioned the other day, in which he answered at the question “Favorite News Topic: USA Bashing”).

The CBC headline that got the moonbats into this orgasmic frenzy: 

“U.S. deserter could qualify as refugee: court”

If I were in the administration down there, I’d serve up a stern warning to Canada, starting by, for example, tightening the borders more, and restricting travel and commerce.  With decisions like this from bleeding heart liberal judges such as Federal Court Justice Robert Barnes, who was appointed by the Liberal government, our country could well be becoming the most important national security risk to the United States, rather than the most valuable friend and ally. 

The CBC kids would love that. 

CBC News

An American war deserter could have a valid claim for refugee status in Canada, the Federal Court ruled on Friday.

In a decision that may have an impact on dozens of refugee claimants in Canada, Federal Court Justice Robert Barnes said Canada’s refugee board erred by rejecting the asylum bid of Joshua Key. He ordered that a new panel reconsider the application. …

Citizen blogger “Huntress” from the Diary Of A Hollywood Refugee writes it up well in “Canada’s Shame: Judge Robert L.Barnes”.


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