CBC.ca reader comment approved: “…Christians are mass murderers…”


I was following up on some of the hateful reader comments on the vile, divisive CBC.ca web site which I’d previously reported to them as hate speech (using their “Report Abuse” links) to see if they did anything about them, but I stumbled on this comment, which the moderator approved (leading me to assume they let the others remain in place):

b.c. terry wrote:
Posted 2008/07/08 at 8:59 AM ET

I know your church, and as you are a christian, condone mass murder, as you all get down on your knees and worship, (for it says so in your bible), your god, the biggest mass murderer (millions), in the history of mankind, including women and children.
It’s no wonder that you are upset at Key, as he refused to take part in the blood letting anymore. Damn law breaker.
And in regards to the video, it was taken by one of their own, not edited, not altered in any way. They have taken it off youtube, there’s a surprise. Too bad.
I’m sure you, and the rest of you christians would have enjoyed it.
There is still the video of them throwing a puppy off a cliff available. google it.
God bless the war and carnage.

The CBC is state-owned, funded by all taxpayers, supposed to serve the general interest of all Canadians, including Christians, in the interest of fostering a united, tolerant, better Canada; but this is clearly among the most hateful, divisive, intolerant web sites in the country, as far as I know.


One rare, concerned, and amazingly level-headed CBC reader/commenter wrote, PRIOR to the above-noted comment (my bolding):

Some of the anti-Catholic comments on here are boardering on hate crimes, maybe keep the comments to the one guy, who said under his personal judgement he returned the Order. Not because of the church.


And this has nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Some of the comments here are what I’d consider spreading hate, and I am surprised the CBC has allowed them on this blog. Maybe some are being removed, I’m sure I’m not the only one who reported them. Whether it is the Jewish faith, Catholics, Hindus, Baptists, whatever, you just aren’t allowed to say hateful things about groups of people.

(…except Christians, conservatives… etc.)

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The anti-Christian hate message still appears on CBC.ca, meaning to me that they approve of anti-Christian hate speech. 

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