ANOTHER Order of Abortion Appreciation* award returned in disgust

UPDATED several times with examples of ingenious comments on the CBC web site from their CBC kids!

The Left’s CBC, because it purports to be a vital news outfit, is sort of forced by necessity to report it, which is delightful to me.

Former lieutenant-governor returns Order of Canada in protest

“I’ve sent a note to the prime minister and to the Governor General saying that since Dr. Morgentaler is now a member of the order, I’m returning my insignia and no longer want to be part of the order,”

Mid-post UPDATE:

A reader comment on this article that stood out for me so far:

Fudgeman9999 wrote:
Posted 2008/07/09 at 9:08 AM ET

…Another example of religious intolerance. The al-queda are not the only dangerous religion group. They are all crazy.

Delightful.  And I love the reference to “intolerance”, the irony of which went right over the CBC-luva’s tiny head.  Unless you’re an atheist like the CBC commenter, you’re a terrorist.  CBC approves the comment. 

One CBC commenter says that Catholics are “cult-like supporters”.  CBC approves that one. 

This one is a double-double:

CalvinMcMaster wrote:
Posted 2008/07/09 at 10:48 AM ET

Bring on the returns…any other right wing catholic nut want to turn theirs in???

Right wing and Catholic go hand-in-hand?  Wow.  That’s a new one.  Whatever:  they’re “nuts”.  CBC allows this sort of nation-uniting sentiment. 

And note that the reasons given for the return of his award say nothing —absolutely nothing— about whatever faith — Christian or otherwise— he might believe in.  He simply states that Morgentaler getting the award goes against his morals.  But the rabidly, militantly atheist and ever so tolerant CBC kids launch their little preemptive anti-Christian war just in case.  The CBC loves it. 

This next one seems to advocate the notion that Christians (well, “religious people”) are a threat to us all, and maybe I’m reading this wrong, but killing all religious people (particularly Christians, clearly) would be in our best interest.  The CBC approves it. 

Posted 2008/07/09 at 12:03 AM ET

Gee all the religious nut cases are coming out now…

I love how an organization that’s been responsible for so much hate and suffering in the world can pretend to act to sanctimonious.
People need to make up and understand this real threat to intelligent societies by religious groups on society. They are well funded, well connected (the own the cabinet), and they are militant. Lets fight to have these nut cases driven back to the stone age where they belong !!!

Here’s a “pro-choice”—spot the irony—liberal woman showin’ us some of the liberal love and tolerance (and outright fascism):

Celtica wrote:
Posted 2008/07/09 at 12:44 AM ET

Simple Solution to the Whole Debate: OUTLAW RELIGION.

I know, sounds drastic but seriously, if the govt suddenly made it illegal to practive religion in the country, then seized everything owned by all religious cults (Catholic, Muslim, Judaism, Protestant etc) in this country they would be rolling in cash, then give the money (which is why all these fake religion are supposed to exist for in the first place): to the poor.

Would be a solution….better then some child molesting freak in a black dress with gaudy jewelry telling us how to live out lives!

But that was approved so I guess it must be a “Canadian Value”, since it’s the CBC. 

The CBC kids aren’t just hateful, and rabidly and militantly intolerant of Christians or pro-lifers, they also openly hate old folks, to the point where they find them and their actions “meaningless”.  (And the CBC approves of that): 

Bradley wrote:
Posted 2008/07/09 at 12:52 AM ET

Has anyone noticed that those handing in their Order of Canada’s are at the end of their lives? … due to their advanced ages their actions in this matter are meaningless.

Another CBC beacon of tolerance and freedom, named “normk60”, wrote that “Religion comes from ignorance.”  That thud you heard was irony hitting his brick head.  CBC loves these posts. 

** SEE PTBC’s new “CBC Commenter” category **

Meanwhile, at liberalvision – division – I was shocked and amazed at the headline about the pro-life rally this afternoon in Ottawa in “honor” of Morgentaler.  The CTV actually called it a PRO-LIFE rally!  PRO-LIFE! 

Not a “Religious Zealots Rally”, or a “Bunch o’ Christians…”, nor a “Catholic Priest-organized…”, or a “Rally of the ‘Religious Right’”, or an “Anti-Choicers” rally , or an “Anti-Women”, nor even an “Anti-Abortion” rally.   

I don’t know what came over them. 


UPDATE (9:14 AM PT):
CBC Newsworld is not covering the pro-life rally which is taking place at this time.  “We’ll find out how to deal with road rage”!  Also something about cell phones, and “how to avoid lightning bolts”. 

UPDATE (9:23 AM PT):
Correction—CBC blinked.  A tiny snippet of coverage was offered… with a lovely, buttery explanation as to why Morgentaler was awarded —indeed, why it was justified. 


* “Order of Canada” has been officially changed to “Order of Abortion Appreciation”.  See PTBC Lexicon for more information.



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