Let’s get a couple of things straight: (1) abortion is not solely about “religion”…

1.  I’ve stated and re-stated this fact for years, here at PTBC:  Abortion is the most disgusting, most egregious thing ever thought of by humans

I’ve never, ever quoted a passage from the Bible, nor made any reference between abortion and Christianity.  Never.  No, not once.  Ever. Not that there’s anything wrong with quoting passages from the Bible.  I’m a Christian, yes (and as a matter of fact, that may well be the first time I’ve said that here, preferring to keep people guessing if I’m actually a Muslim!). 

The media and the pro-aborts universally try to marginalize and pigeon-hole pro-lifers as “Christians”, as if they think that will score points with Canadians (and on the CBC web site as I’ve documented, extend that bigoted nonsense with hateful, extremely intolerant and actually full-on hate-mongering and anti-Christian language and utter intolerance, the likes of which should really be dealt with by the RCMP, since the CBC and its moderators have apparently joined the lowly ranks of their own readers, whose attitudes they helped breed (—oh!  Good word!)). 

But sadly for them and their hideous double-whammy anti-Christian and pro-abortion agenda, it’s not just Christians who are pro-life (and by the way, the vast majority of Canadians are Christians), it’s all manner of Canadians.  For all manner of reasons.  Some “moral”, some “scientific”, some “logical”, some “common sense”, and yes, some “Christian” and some even have a little of all of the above.  And everybody knows that.  So why do they keep trotting out Catholic Ministers and “members of the religious right” (and at the CBC, spewing hate and imploring folks to hate them)? 

So sad that the pro-aborts attempt to foist this intellectually dishonest crap on Canadians.  Especially the media.  It’s like they’re fascists. 

SIDEBAR:  Canada’s constitution begins:  “Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God…”. 


The Conservative Party of Canada supports abortion.  No, not just “limited” abortions, or just abortions that are performed prior to 106 weeks, or whatever.  They support all abortions.  Limitless abortions.  Taxpayer paid, limitless abortions.  They even passed a “constitutional’ resolution at their convention saying as much.  To wit:  58. Abortion Legislation: A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.” 

That’s one of the reasons I’m not a member of the Conservative Party, nor even any “Tories” blog group or club.  I’m a conservative.

So if you’re looking for a connection between me, Christianity, and the Conservative Party of Canada, re-aim your weapon. You keep missing. Try “Hitler” again.  That’s always fun. 

And if you’re looking for a party to vote for and are pro-abortion, then vote Conservative. 

Peace out, hippies.


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