E-blast wake up call

Here, they just watch the CBC and visit its website and make comments.

MADRASSAS FOR AMERICANS: On today’s show we were joined by Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) and producer Ericka Pertierra, who discussed the new documentary “Karachi Kids.” The film tracks two brothers from Atlanta whose father, a Pakistani immigrant, shipped them off to a Pakistani madrassa and informed them their return was conditional upon memorizing the entire Koran. The boys, their father felt, had become too absorbed in American culture.

In 2004, the filmmakers discovered that the boys were being held against their will at the Jamia Binoria Institute in Karachi, one of Pakistan’s most radical madrassas. Three years later, the filmmakers returned to discover that they had both become fully radicalized, and were readily denouncing America.

Laura Ingraham’s “E-Blast” yesterday

Apparently about 600 boys per year enjoy a similar “early learning” (—wink!) experience. 

Yesterday one of the articles at CBC.ca that I was bringing to your attention for its radical hateful anti-Christian comments, there were about 600 comments. 

But of course there’s lots of differences between here and there. 

The CBC is state-owned and state-run and funded by all taxpayers and is a “Canadian Value”, for one thing. 


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