PTBC reader launches complaint against CBC for hate speech against Catholics in its reader comments

I’ve gotten feedback from a PTBC reader, Paul, who was deeply troubled by the state-owned CBC as a result of what I’ve exposed here with regard to what I’ve found at the state-owned web site, in its reader comments.  I’ve been documenting this for the past number of days, notably just today, which I presume inspired Paul to launch his action.  He went so far as to telephone me to explain what he has done about it. 

(See my recent blog entries within my specific PTBC Reader Comments category, using this link).

Paul told me he has initiated a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (well isn’t THAT an ironic twist!); and that he contacted the CBC by telephone to complain, and was roundly MOCKED by the taxpayer-paid employee at that state-owned organization, who, among other things, mocked his BREATHING. 

Paul told me he phoned me (as opposed to writing) simply because his typing sucks (and it does), but I asked him to type up a brief synopsis anyway, so I can add it to my documentation of how the CBC is working in the national interest and serving the general interests of Canadians and striving for national unity.  And serving the taxpaying public. 

This is the amazing result (I made typing corrections to make it more legible):


My typing sucks.

You can write up my phone call.

I’m on the phone to the heritage ministry as I type. (Josee Verner…on “hold”)

The guy at the CBC “audience relations” who mocked and chastised me was Gus D’Orignal, so he said.  He told me that hate speech has to be proven in court.  He said that “just because [I] thought something on the CBC web site was hate doesn’t make it so.” (This is the “audience relations” contact….. pretty orwellian huh).  He would not put me through to the CBC lawyers, who I was intending to ask if they could advise me prior to complaining the the CHRC [Canadian Human Rights Commission]. 

He mocked my breathing, and my intelligence, yawned at me and said “you can’t bully me”.  He was very quick to remind me that my contribution from taxes to the CBC was $32 and that I got my $32 dollars worth.  He also asserted that his income taxes paid his salary, despite my assertion that it came out of my pocket in the first place. (I don’t get his logic.)… My government….. serving me…

I called his boss and left a brief message regarding the incident.  No response yet.

I’m following up with a letter to the Ombudsman at CBC, to Josee Verner the Minister of Heritage, The CHRC describing:

(1) the hate on the CBC web site,
(2) the unspeakable abuse I was dealt when I call to notify the CBC,
(3) the Gordian knotted Mobius Fence the bureaucracy erects in front of people who want to file a complaint against the vile CBC.

Incidentally I called the CHRC in Halifax and logged the complaint. They called me back and referred me to the [CBC] Ombudsman as a mitigating measure, but I told her what happened at “audience relations and she said “sounds like you did everything you could”…

In any event I’m pursuing the complaint.. on a number of levels.

I am Catholic and a citizen of this country.  It is wrong that a government office, the CBC, denigrates me.

Paul W

P.S. I asked for his supervisor’s name, he said he had none, but I called back and the switchboard put me through


A newspaper columnist who writes in a major paper has written me expressing interest in writing a column about this CBC web site reader-comments fiasco.

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