Socialism-reliant outfit catches ride on capitalist ship


PTBC reader Randy catches the socialism-reliant CBC hoping to “capitalize” on the excitement over the launch of the new iPhone by catching a ride on the good ship SS Capitalism. 

Randy writes:

Subject: Corporate Slaves!

Gotta love this “capitalizing” on the new trendy-slave-fashion device: The new Apple iPhone. It’s really just an iTrend, but CBC doesn’t care!

They place a banner ad atop their web site, advertising their own selves (in addition to the iPhone), and promoting the idea of getting the CBC web site on your new iPhone. 
Click to see: image

Don’t ruin your emblematic new capitalist gadget—that exemplary piece of private enterprise and inventiveness and free-market technological progress by allowing all those state-owned, state-run, socialism-reliant CBC logos all over it.  It’s just incongruous and ugly. PDA (Blackberry, iPhone etc) Links… which I think work but I don’t have a gazillion taxpayer dollars to find out:
Columnists only
J-log only


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