U.N. spokesman touts abortion on CBC on the occasion of “World Population Day”

In a sickening display of world “leadership” from the liberal-left’s very own United Nations, which apparently promotes abortion as part of its global peacemaking mandate, we find that on the occasion of “World Population Day” (is there some sort of taxpayer-paid festival somewhere in which we all don powder blue berets and die?), the idea is to limit the population by way of abortion.  Sorry… “reproductive health”.

He appears on the state-owned CBC, whose interviewer had nothing to ask or add to his pro-abortion remarks.  Abortion is in the “national interest”, I suppose.  Oh sorry I forgot:  it’s a “Canadian Value” and we are mandated to appreciate and embrace the abortion.

As is usual for the pro-abort crowd, his pro-abortion remarks were couched in the terminology of those whose arguments they themselves can’t even stomach, using terms like “reproductive health” and “health choices” and “implement their decisions” in place of “abortion”. 

CBC Newsworld anchor:  I’m just curious here on World Population Day is there something we should be celebrating today?

Jose Miguel Guzman, U.N. Population Fund: Well we have many reasons to celebrate.  I think the most important reason is that because of the, all the international effort that have been made, to make possible, for women to implement their decisions, I think this is a reason to celebrate because women are now more able, in many countries of the world, many part of the world, to take their own decisions, and not just in reproductive health area, the decision in reproductive health area affect other decision in terms of how women how couples plan their lives, and this has been a very important influence.  So I think one of the reasons we have to celebrate, is because we because of the empowerment of women, it is possible for women to have a more important role in societies now than before, but also we have reason to worry about.  There is a still many woman that cannot implement their decisions, there are still many women even dying because of maternal complications in delivery, in their pregnancies, so that means that there is the need to invest to make possible that all women have the possibility to have a good reproductive health.

CBC Newsworld anchor:  …Thank you so much…


From the United Nations website:
…Most abortions can be prevented through quality family planning, but unfortunately contraceptive failure sometimes occurs resulting in unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, women will continue to seek abortion services—this is a social reality. Whether or not abortion is legal in a country should not determine whether a woman receives health assistance for abortion related complications. ..

They have no global peace policy on folks fornicating like wild monkeys. 

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