Monday? CBC engages left and far-left “experts” on U.S. politics … for that fair and balance look

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Left and Lefter

Just saw:  Once again, the state-owned CBC Newsworld has deployed their usual panel of fair and balanced “experts” to explain to Canadians the American political scene.  Today’s crisis:  The New Yorker magazine has a satirical cartoon that casts the Obamas in a bad light.  Dear God.  How could this be.  The media’s supposed to be on side!  Where’s the “hope” in this?

Let’s analyze! 

On the left, from the far-left Huffington Post web site, writer Rachel Sklar.  On the farther left, hard-left smear site Daily Kos writer Jeffrey Feldman. 

Seriously. That’s it. 

That’s who explains American politics to Canadians on the state-owned CBC Newsworld.  All the time.  This is their regular panel.  (Normally, Feldman is described as a “political anthropologist”, which always makes me giggle, but today it’s “political author”.  Again that’s “political author”). 

No warning from the CBC about their left or far-left political leanings, meaning that the CBC is misinforming you, driving an agenda, and in fact scamming you and all Canadians, and are not working in the national interest or in a fair and balanced manner.  In my opinion.  Which isn’t left or far left.  So it’s no good to them.   

That is how the CBC works. 

With each passing second, Canadian viewers become dumber. And dumber. 

Both panelists are intensely concerned about the cartoon.  And about all the criticism of Obama.  VERY concerned. 

It’s absolutely hilarious. 

Fair & balanced CBC again engages experts: On the left, Huffington Post; further left, Daily Kos

Memo to CBC:  Huffington Post hoists its far left-wing, as if to prove you’re far-left

… and many more

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