Khadr’s mother speaks out from in there: “Omar would need rehab”.

Omar’s excellent mother, demonstrating some of her excellent mothering skills, spoke through the CBC conduit today, demanding that Omar be set free from the Americans to her excellent mothering arms. 

At least we’re told that’s who’s in there (and it was the CBC who told us, so…).  We can almost see her eyes, but not really…

She sounds like every liberal in Canada. 


Over the tendentious, emotion-baiting CBC banner “A MOTHER’S PLEA”, she informed Canadians through the CBC conduit that CBC set up for her, that Omar must be brought home to his mother.  She sounds like a real family gal.

Sure, she allowed, “Omar would need rehab.”  

Oh!  Well how accommodating of her!  And why? 

Because “Omar would need someone to re-assure him that he still deserve to live!”


Unlike Americans, I presume. 

Mama Khadr says she has no association with al-Qaeda, but I don’t believe her in the slightest, largely because I’m sober and because I don’t just watch the CBC.  It is well established that her and her family are friends with Osama bin Laden.  Apparently bin Laden attended one of their family weddings.  Perhaps he was the “best terrorist”. 

She admitted that when the terrorist-hijacked airliners loaded with humans plowed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and into the ground on 9/11, 2001, she thought to herself, “Let them have it.”

Again that was “let them have it”

She is also quoted as saying she took her family away from Canada in the 1980s (to Afghanistan where later Omar was trained as a terrorist) because of “drug addicts” and “homosexuals.” 

But the state-owned CBC gave this fantastic “Canadian” a great big soap box today, over the banner “A MOTHER’S PLEA”. 


The dead soldier never mentioned by the CBC is Special Forces medic, Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, 28.  After being blown up by a grenade allegedly thrown at him by Omar Khadr, he lived for two weeks, then succumbed to his massive head wounds and died. 

Under international humanitarian law (the law of war), medics are a specially protected class of noncombatants, the killing of which is considered a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions. 

Speers was survived by his wife Tabitha, two small children, Taryn and Tanner, and brother Todd. 

Omar’s mama never mentioned the Speers kids today.  Nor did the CBC.  Not even a banner alluding to them reading “A MOTHER’S PLEA”. 

UPDATE from the hood:
CBC saw fit to provide a platform for Omar’s sister to speak out about the plight of Omar Khadr as well.  She’s in there somewhere.

Zaynab Khadr is the one whose wedding Osama bin Laden attended possibly as “best terrorist”. It is credibly alleged that she was involved with her brother, Abdullah, in running an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan in the 1990s.

Still no word from the widow Speers or the Speers kids.


While CBC sees it totally differently, clearer, less biased thinking prevails at the National Post, which sees the need to provide the fuller story:  “Khadr ‘earned’ Guantanamo stay, says soldier”.


In case you’re wondering, the Liberal Frenchman, Stephane Dion, agrees with Omar’s mama.  He should be released from that American prison.  He’s met with Omar’s lawyers, and fell for it all.  He never said “boo” when he was Liberal government cabinet minister. 

And naturally Dion’s left ass cheek Jack Layton is on board that “free Omar” train. 


The socialists of Jack (“Ass”) Layton managed to get a motion passed just last month (with the helpful votes of the other leftists from the Liberals and the Bloc) to give amnesty to all American Iraq war deserters.  The motion was dreamed-up by Jack’s “life partner”, Olivia Chow.  They think Canada should refuse to return the American war deserters to America.  (The Conservative government isn’t moved by their idiocy). 

But the NDP and Liberals and Bloc demand that Omar Khadr, charged in Afghanistan with terrorism-related killing of a member of our own side in a war we’re fighting, should be given up by America to Canada so he can be re-introduced into Canadian society.

It’s like we live in ASS world. 


CBC finally finds the phone number of Sgt Morris, who was there in Afghanistan and saw Khadr throw the bomb killing our American team-mate.  He is interviewed without a hood, revealing his whole face. 


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