Would-be Iranian Olympic swimmer: gives up after being placed in pool with Israeli swimmer

image - reader email As my emailer Randy says, there’s no hatred like Jew hatred.

Iranian swimmer shuns Israeli rival

Fri, 11 Jul 2008 10:44:11

The Iranian swimmer, Mohammad Bidarian, has refused to compete with his Israeli rival in the 100-meter freestyle event in Croatia.

Bidarian advanced to the semifinal in the 100-meter breaststroke event after he clocked a time of 52.25 seconds on Thursday morning.

Despite the fact that he had a chance to get an Olympic berth for his country, the 19-year-old Iranian national gave up the competition as he was grouped with an Israeli swimmer on Thursday evening. …

And as my emailer also points out, the CBC, despite having a huge website section on Olympics swimming (they’re covering the Olympics thanks to their Olympics bid they won by outbidding the private citizen-owned networks using your taxpayer cash, so they better have an Olympics swimming section), they fail to report this story at all. 


Maybe they were afraid of the comments their most extremist hateful readers might make against Jews.  Maybe they’re just doing a crap job reporting the important events. 

Maybe like their position on the war on terror, they think hatred of Jews is just “so-called” hatred of Jews.


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