CBC & Liberal MP team up to tout HIS new book on upcoming financial CRISIS! DISASTER! CRASH!

Just saw this “news” on CBC Newsworld, the story lasting a full SIX MINUTES, and I have questions:

image1. What the hell is a sitting MP (Garth Turner, LIBERAL) doing writing a tendentious, negative, alarmist, freak-out-and fear-inducing book called “Greater Fool: The Troubled Future of Real Estate” which calls for a real estate market CRASH, and touting it on the liberals’ state-owned CBC?  On its “Newsworld” channel no less. 

2.  What the hell is the liberals’ state-owned CBC doing touting a book—particularly one portending a financial CRASH as a result of policy decisions among other things—written by a sitting MP?  Is this in the national interest?  Is doing it over the helpful CBC banner “REAL ESTATE CRASHING?” in the national interest?  Or just in the do-anything-to-bring-down-the-Conservatives interest?

3. How did a sitting MP have time to write a book?  On our dime?  He gets paid at least $150,000 taxpayer dollars per year plus we give him a $22,000 yearly expense allowance.  The CBC gets over a BILLION taxpayer dollars per year. 

4.  Can I get on there and talk nonstop about the ProudToBeCanadian website for endless minutes, and get asked nothing but fluffy leading questions by the suckup CBC Newsworld anchor?  (And by the way, even if invited, I wouldn’t, citing a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars, its inherent and total lack of it being newsworthy, insane unfairness, the fact that state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country and therefore the CBC shouldn’t even exist…)

6.  Did Turner pay taxpayers for this free ad? Is this what the CBC is doing now? 

7. Does Liberal leader Dion support this use for our state-owned CBC?  Did he know about this book-promoting segment in advance?  Did Dion sign off on this?

Outrageous. This is an abomination.  I demand answers.

•  Find your MP Email and other addresses

• State-run media (CBC) contact form: http://www.cbc.ca/contact/index.jsp


8. Doesn’t Garth Turner have an demonstrated interest in the real estate market (and by extension possibly the entire economy)  tanking and crashing now, if only to prove how awesome he thinks he is in prognosticating, and to possibly sell more books?  And how will that affect his policy decisions and votes in the House and his demands of government? 


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