Someobody’s looking out for decency in media (and hint: it’s not the CBC)

imageThe people who were offended when they read the state-owned’s reader comments on Tony Snow’s passing will have to take solace in Fox News Channel, which has been all over the very liberal L.A. Times’ and its reader comments regarding Snow’s passing, and the Times’ propensity to attract much the same kind of hate from the far-left as the does, allowing reader comments that are blatantly horrid. 

I’ll bet many of the comments at the L.A. Times were tamer than those at the horrible and far further leftist-dominated CBC. 

Apparently neither the CBC nor any other media in Canada cares one whit about the hate that permeates the reader comments.

When you switch to Fox News Channel seeking solace, just go ahead and put the remote down (I’m sure you will without me telling you).  It’s the best channel available in Canada.  And remember:  please keep your kids away from the liberals’ state-owned, state-run, taxpayer-funded CBC web site.  It’s full of far-leftist and militant atheists’ reader comments, many of which are utterly vile, and it is among the most hateful, divisive web sites I’ve ever encountered.

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