CBC antsy about Obama’s pick; bus crashes are yawners

CBC’s Newsworld is a different world.  They are positively salivating with anticipation over Obama’s veep pick (but not McCain’s).  They covered it, just now, on Newsworld, for exactly 2 minutes and 48 seconds.  It was under the verbally stated introduction: “…the race for the Whitehouse”, which apparently includes only a Democratic candidate this year named Obama.  That is to say they covered not Obama’s actual pick, because he hasn’t picked anyone yet, they covered the solid newsy fact that Obama hasn’t actually picked anyone yet.  For 168 seconds.  (Without mentioning McCain.) 

By the way, we’re told possible Obama veep pick Joe Biden is the “silver fox” of the group, by the CBC reporter on the scene.  By way of comparison, McCain is an old geezer.  Again, that’s old geezer.  So we know how their hard-hitting objective fair and balanced reporting of that ticket would go…

This was followed by a little 16-second snippet about a huge tour bus crash which actually happened already, as opposed to just teasing.  A bus careened off a bridge after a collision with another bus, with untold numbers of humans now dead.  It actually happened already.  Humans dead.  And it’s secondary on the CBC. 

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