CBC news reporter Jeannie Lee explains movies and economic DEPRESSION to Canadians

The state-run state-owned CBC really clarifies things for Canadians.  For example, on the oxymornic “Your Business” segment of the socialism-reliant operation, in movie news, a new documentary is coming out which explains the dismal U.S. economy to us all (strangely, there was no word about Fox News Channel’s relatively new show by Sean Hannity called “Hannity’s America”, in which he repeatedly explains that America isn’t so bad after all, nor about the new cable offering called Fox Business Channel which, like their news counterpart, is on America’s side). 

Jeannie Lee, CBC’s business expert at the state-run media giant’s news channel, then reported that movie ticket sales are up, and


explained it’s because the economy is so terrible in the United States.  “Economic hard times, a crumbling housing market, and unemployment” she said, are driving folks to the movies.  Summer and Batman and Disney are not, apparently. 

She then related the current “phenomenon” to the

“depression” of the 1930s and how the movie King Kong became popular because of that “depression”, and how during the “depression” the Dion quintuplets was Canada’s “diversionary tactic” for the “depression”

Right behind her back, the taxpayer-paid CBC business techno-board betrayed the fact that the Dow is up 138 points, the NASDAQ is up… also, unemployment is at historic lows, etc,, etc., and all that bothersome nonsense…

So for an intellectually honest blast of news, I tuned to Fox News Channel.  Watching the CBC actually makes you dumber by the second. 

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