McCain Veep choice: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin?

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…UPDATE (7:30 AM PDT): ….BREAKING: …Fox News Channel is now confirming that 44-year-old “hockey mom” and Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, a true-blue conservative, is the pick…

image  Fox News Channel is all over this story but nobody knows or will know for another two hours. 

This is what they do confirm:  Mitt Romney is not the pick.  Tim Pawlenty is not the pick.  Lieberman is not it.  Huckabee is not it.

A jet arrived in Ohio from Alaska and the Alaska Governor cannot be tracked at this time.  Looks like it’s her.

The McCain campaign is handling this masterfully, as up to three news outlets—all of them not in bed with Obama and liberal-leftists—are covering it (aside from Fox News Channel). 

The name Meg Whitman (Chairman of eBay) is also being bandied about…


• She’s a die-hard true-blue conservative
• She’s 44.
• Her family taught her about hunting moose, one of her hobbies. 
• She runs 5 and 10K races. 
• She’s a hockey player. 
• She’s a former sportscaster.
• She owns a float plane.
• Was a point guard and captain for the Wasilla High School Warriors.
• She earned the nickname “Sarah Barracuda” because of her intense play.
• She played the championship game despite a stress fracture in her ankle, hitting a critical free throw in the last seconds.
• Was also the head of the school Fellowship of Christian Athletes, would lead the team in prayer before games.
• In 1984, Palin was first runner-up in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant after winning the Miss Wasilla contest earlier that year, winning a scholarship to help pay her way through college.
• In the Wasilla pageant, she played the flute and also won Miss Congeniality.
• She ice fishes, rides snowmobiles.
• Palin holds a lifetime membership with the National Rifle Association.
• Married to Todd.
• Has son in Army.  He joined On September 11, 2007. Going to Iraq in September.  They have 4 other kids. One has Down’s Syndrome.
• She has a degree in Journalism.
• Was a whistle blower against her own party’s shenanigans in Alaska. 
• Palin is strongly pro-life, and against same-sex ‘marriage’.
• Has been a very popular, very strong Governor, axing all kinds of wasteful spending and spending commitments, and selling government luxuries like a luxury government private jet—on eBay—and canceling the stupid “Bridge to Nowhere”.
•  Is in favor of oil drilling in Alaska, including in ANWR.

Post-Update Warm Thoughtage:

– Talk about “change”!  Republicans are about the change, not the Obamatons.
– Let’s monitor the Dems for “sexist” talk.
– Let’s watch attack dog Biden “attack” this woman. 
– She has executive experience, which the Obama-Biden team totally lack.
– Hillary voters: here’s your man.  Err woman.
– Just TRY calling her a “Washington insider”. (Check your map)
– One woman commentator on TV just called her a “cool lady” (not referring to her being in Alaska).
– Watch for the “anti-racist” Team Obama to accuse the McCain-Palin team of being “white as snow”.
– Here’s some pictures from her recent trip to Iraq to visit the troops and learn about things (compare and contrast with The Great [Uninterested] Obama)…
image image
– Karl Rove thinks the choice and the handling of it was “brilliant”. 


– In citing point after point of supposed Palin negatives, CNN idiot reporter Dana Bash thinks she has a real goodie that Dems can use image on McCain:  She says McCain has always lambasted and ridiculed (“trashes” was her word) Alaska for that “Bridge to Nowhere” project (see above), and yet now here he is choosing the Governor of Alaska.  She muses that it will be interesting “to see how he squares that!”.  She doesn’t know (as I do, from 2 minutes of research) that it was precisely Palin who axed that project citing it as being totally stupid. 

“You know one other note I just have to tell you because it’s been on my mind … first of all, um, one of his favorite lines, is how how he he basically TRASHES Alaska, all the time, specifically the idea in Alaska uh that uh, that one of the biggest earmarks was for the “Bridge to Nowhere”.  In fact it is one of his favorite lines!  So it is gunna be interesting how he squares that with the fact that uh, that it was a pretty popular thing in the State of Alaska and now he’s picking the Governor of Alaska!”

—Idiot reporter at CNN


– CBC and CTV are currently almost completely ignoring this story, today, pretending that nearly every other story is massively and unusually vitally important, such that this little McCain thing is totally insignificant.  This contrasts starkly with their wall-to-wall coverage of every tease and peep and rumor out of the Democratic Party as The Great Obama was about to make his Veep choice.  As such, I believe they are misinforming you and leading you astray. (Latest CBC Newsworld stories:  Michael Jackson turns 50.  And John McCain turns 72 today.  End of story (as they play video of Jackson).  Then they played video from last night’s Obama rally.  I’m serious. ) 

– (10:57 AM PDT): Quick check on CBC’s coverage:  CBC continues to show clips of last night’s Obama show, not today’s McCain VP pick.  They should be reported to the CRTC. 

Official reaction from Team Obama:


– They also ridiculed her in knee-jerk idiotic fashion, accusing her of being but a “small town mayor”.  That should appeal to small-town America.  Real thinkers and America-lovers over there at Team Obama, huh? 

– Team Obama-Biden started their campaigning day today in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Beaver.  I’m just saying.

Other than that:

– already has their graphics together….

Post-Palin’s Hot Speech Thoughts:

• That was a hot speech.
• She is formidable.
• Was very gracious.
• Great speaker.
• A real woman.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  (Or is there, now?) … Wore a skirt.
• Said great things.
• Inspires twice as well, and as a far more natural and folksy and GENUINE an American human, than The Great Obama or his attack dog Biden. 

Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter Watch:

– Rush sounds like he’s happy.  Not clear yet.  Just tuned in.  He pointed out that last night, The Great Obama (he calls him The Messiah) shouted in his speech to end all speeches that he (Obama) is… “his brother’s keeper!”.  But that in actual fact, The Messiah’s brother lives in a shack in Kenya, living on $15 a day.  This is a fact that CBC and CNN forgot to report about the speech of the century. 
– No word from Chairman Ann yet.  Will update.
– Rush plays clip from Palin’s speech this morning, and then says:  “Sarah Palin:  Babies. Guns. Jesus.  Hot damn.” 


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