HELP NEEDED: spot a CBC banner celebrating rise in stock market

Ever seen a “MARKET IN FREE RISE!” banner on the socialists-r-us network?  Here’s today’s:

(…And look!  They’re shocked!)
image  image

They report is as if they’re not part of it.  Their “FREEFALL” verbiage and “SLIDING MARKET” and their latest, appearing as I write this, “SELLOFF IS ON!”, and so on — appear as if the media—particularly this socialist-reliant one—are simple observers and not participants or even advocates of the “selloff”.  These are the same “Your Business” geniuses who haven’t stopped talking about “recessions” and even “depressions” at every possible opportunity (as I’ve also documented). 

Through the days of the historic rise in the stock market to daily record-breaking highs over the past few years, I’ve thoroughly documented, here, how the state-owed and socialism-reliant CBC utterly—almost completely—ignored it as best they could.  Then, when one day the market fell, as throughout history it of course does on its way up, they suddenly installed this fabulous gizmo which graphically highlighted what they must have been trying to portend as a stock market collapse.  I called it their “plunge-o-meter”.  It which was prominently placed in and remained in the upper right of the CBC Newsworld screen throughout their “news” broadcasting that day. 

image of CBC's 'Plunge-o-Meter' when stock markets were going down -- never has been a 'Rise-o-Meter'

Then when the market resumed its historic record-breaking hikes again, the “plunge-o-meter” disappeared.  Not to be replaced with anything.  Not even coverage.  There never has been a “rise-o-meter”.  And possibly because I so ridiculed them, they never brought back the “plunge-o-meter” either. 

Hey what are shares of “CBC” going for these days?  Oh right.  They’re state-owned and state-run like a Cuban-style communist outfit. 

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

In almost hilarious juxtaposition to the socialism-reliant CBC, as I write this addendum, the private citizen-owned and run CTV Newsnet is reporting (over the banner “ECONOMIC UPS AND DOWNS”) that some investment experts in Canada suggest today that this is an EXCELLENT opportunity to invest in Canada and the stock market.  Don’t look for shares in “CBC”. 

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