Palin must be good: CBC sets out to bash the crap out of her with left-wing blogger BS

This morning the state-owned CBC set out to bash Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin—almost like their associates at the far-left smear ‘n hate site, Daily Kos (as I’ve documented here a thousand times, the CBC uses bloggers from the Daily Kos for “expert” “objective” U.S. politics “analysis”—without telling us they’re from the Daily Kos—see another blog item from today here). 

They spent several minutes on the phone for some “expert” “analysis” with someone they introduced merely as a radio talk show host in Anchorage Alaska, and as someone who really knows Sarah Palin.  That sounded great!  I couldn’t wait. 


But that radio host proceeded to bash the bajeezus out of Sarah Palin like a hateful leftard hyena—strangely I thought—since Palin’s approval ratings as Governor of Alaska are the highest in the entire country at 80% (I didn’t even know they went that high). 

image While listening, I did my due diligence and looked up the name of that hateful alarmist leftist CBC “analyst”.  Turns out she’s a far-left “progressive” from the state of Alaska who tends a far-left “progressive” blog.    “About Shannyn Moore:  …Standing up to fascists and tyranny…both foreign and domestic…”

Her blog is almost entirely focused on debasing Sarah Palin.

The CBC didn’t tell us that.  That’s misinformation. 

Sadly for the CBC, which didn’t necessarily want us to know it, the “expert” told us herself, eventually, that she’s a total liberal.  She is a “progressive”, she added.  Of course by that time, only the CBC viewers who just consumed magic mushrooms didn’t know that. 

The CBC’s “expert” “analyst” also posted an anti-Sarah Palin speech review at a blog site that has links to everything and anything “progressive” in their leftist little world.  The list of links on that blog begins with a huge graphic indicating the number of deaths in Iraq.  They refer to it as “Iraqi deaths due to U.S. invasion”, of course, as all extreme-left, intellectually dishonest folks do; and it updates using stats that only extreme left-wing liars and nutbars use.  It currently lists the deaths as being something in the order of one and a quarter MILLION Iraqi people.  “Due to to the U.S. invasion”.  So you gotta know you’ve got some quality “expert” folks on the air, now, CBC! 

I feel sorry for Canadians who are subjected to this garbage.  They’re not getting all the information and that which they do get is twisted.  And they—Canadians—pay for this.  I pay for it against my will. 


PTBC reader conservativegal also wrote me this morning pointing out an editorial by NatPo editor Jonathon Kay, who wrote about how CBC’s main channel’s news show featuring creepy reporter Neil McDonald and host whatever his name is.  The CBC team matter-of-factly covered a hideous, despicable hate rumor created (and universally debunked) about Sarah Palin and her family during the Republican convention.  Here’s a snippet:

“Sarah Palin was strangely absent from public view today,” reporter Neil McDonald told viewers from the Republican convention in Minnesota. “The story surrounding her grew ever stranger, too.”

“It’s baby Trig who’s generating the questions,” McDonald went on. “There are the pictures of [Sarah] Palin looking slim just weeks before the April birth. In March, the Anchorage Daily News reported that Palin ‘simply doesn’t look pregnant.’ Then, there was the birth itself. Palin was in Texas on April 17 when her water broke, but she went ahead with a speech, then, rather than checking into a hospital, she headed back to Alaska.” (The CBC provided a helpful map showing Palin’s lengthy plane ride, with dramatic-sounding music.)

“There is no record of the birth,” McDonald added somewhat breathlessly. “Some suspect that Trig is actually Palin’s grandson, and that Bristol, the now-pregnant teenage daughter, is the baby’s real mother.”

Read the whole thing—it’s a must read

This is amazing largely because I’d heard the rumors the moment the rumor started—at the Daily Kos—and I understood even the Daily Kos quashed it as a truly baseless, embarrassingly stupid rumor, later that same day.  I thought the rumor was so utterly stupid that I didn’t even point it out.  It was simply laughably stupid. But this is days later.  Apparently the CBC has tried to take it mainstream. 

I think the CBC should be reported to the CRTC. 


State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution. 

Next up on CBC:  Jack Layton live in action at a rally in some socialist-luvin’ backwater or other. 

Next up on CBC:  Stephane Dion live in action at a rally in some other socialist-luvin backwater or other.

Next up on CBC:  Zimbabwe and Mugabe.  No footage of the Conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. 

Soon After on CBC:  A live news conference by Dion and his sheeple bashing the Conservative government with allegations of horrendous misdeeds, lasting something like 20 minutes or more. 

Immediately after on CBC:  A live news conference by socialist arse Layton and his sheeple bashing everything non-socialist. 



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